Edge Health Club Casuarina’s Fitness Centre in Darwin is Open 24/7

Edge Health Club Casuarina is unlike other fitness centres in the Northern Territory, as it remains open to the public 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Online PR News – 11-March-2016 – Casuarina, QLD – Edge Health Club Casuarina is a fitness centre in Casuarina with the mission to motivate people to visit their club to exercise and stay in shape. Since the fitness club’s establishment in the city of Darwin, they have expanded the number of classes they offer and have equipped their facility with high-end exercise equipment.

The Ideology behind the 24/4 Fitness Centre

The health club decided to provide the residents of Darwin, a gym that would remain open at all hours of the day, including on public holidays. The health club’s reasoning behind the idea was to allow people with the freedom to exercise whenever they want.

If they want to come home after work, and then go to the gym, they can, as the fitness centre never closes. Mothers, students, and professionals alike can visit the gym at a time convenient to them.

What Other Things in the Gym Are Open 24/7?

Here is a list of things that visitors will have access to when they visit the fitness centre:
Every fitness area of the gym that includes equipment will remain open
With a 24-hour security surveillance system in place, visitors will have a sense of security

The A/C will remain turned on all day

The vending machines will remain active the entire day

The Fitness Centre Will Surely Whip You Back into Shape

According to the spokesperson of the company, “We care about people’s health and that’s one of the main reasons, why our gym remains open 24 hours and 7 days a week. We hope that people will take advantage of this and visit the gym to remain in or get back into shape.”

About the Company

Edge Health Club Casuarina is a community-based gym and fitness centre that focuses on providing fun and relaxed atmosphere to people looking to achieve fitness and health goals. The fitness facility aims at providing motivation and guidance to its members who want to stay focused on their fitness goals. The gym consists of a team of friendly instructors who provide help, advice, and support to members in a fun and exciting way.

Contact Information

Website: www.edgehealthclubs.com.au/casuarina
Address: Edge Health Club Casuarina, 1 Monterey House, 247 Trower Rd, Casuarina NT 0810
Phone: (08) 8927 2099