Free Purchase Protection And Other Attractive Benefits From Cashplus Prepaid Gold MasterCard

APS, who offer the cashplus prepaid gold MasterCard, is the only prepaid company in the UK that gives free purchase protection to its cardholders. But that’s not all – there are many other unique benefits of cashplus, including creditbuilder to help improve customers’ credit ratings.

Online PR News – 04-April-2009 – – (Essex, UK) – Cashplus prepaid gold MasterCard comes with many exciting features and benefits. Cashplus MasterCard is issued by APS Financial Ltd and is serviced by APS. Acceptance for the card is guaranteed, and those who sign up for a cashplus MasterCard will therefore get all the benefits issued by APS. Here are some exciting benefits of that come with cashplus MasterCard:

Many top credit card companies offer their customers with free Section 75 purchase protection. This helps customers to use their credit cards with confidence, so they are protected in situations where they do not receive goods or the seller goes bust. Such things are not uncommon; in recent times we have seen companies such as XL and MFI going bust, and credit card users who are guarded by purchase protection will be able to get back their money.

This protection is not available for most prepaid cards. APS is the only prepaid card company in the UK that offers a level of purchase protection similar to Section 75 to its customers. This makes cashplus one of the best prepaid credit cards, especially in these times of so much of financial uncertainty. cashplus is proud to announce that it has managed to retrieve thousands of pounds from the sellers for their customers just in the last few months.

Another major advantage of cashplus comes in the form of credit builder. This feature is not available with any other prepaid card in the UK and hence it is one of the unique benefits of cashplus, which is made available to the prepaid card users through APS. Through the credit builder facility cashplus gold cardholders will be able to repair or improve their credit ratings, without any additional costs or interest to pay.

Yet another service that is highly appreciated by people in these financially stressful times is a cash back site that is exclusively available to cashplus MasterCard cardholders. This site incorporates hundreds of leading online stores, including Tesco, PC World and, and allows cashplus MasterCard cardholders to earn cash back on every purchase. This will reduce their overall shopping expenses.

But that’s not all – using cashplus is also one of the cheapest and easiest alternatives for money transfer. Cashplus MasterCard users can now transfer money at the some of the cheapest rates possible, sometimes saving up to 90% on their money transfer commission. This benefit can be enjoyed by simply buying an additional cashplus card on their account and sending it to the family member or friend that intend to transfer money to. The additional cardholders will then be able to shop or have access to the money anytime they like. cashplus also recently reduced the price of additional cards by 50%, making them better value than ever.

Moreover, using a cashplus MasterCard is one of the safest options to shop online because these cards are not associated with the cardholders’ bank account in any way, meaning all personal details are secure and private. Besides that, the free purchase protection that cashplus MasterCard offers also extends to online shopping. For more information on cashplus MasterCard please visit,

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