Open Server Summit Delivers Information Using 400 GbE and 3D XPoint Technology to System Designers

Open Server Summit will be on April 13-14 at the Santa Clara Convention Center

Online PR News – 10-March-2016 – Santa Clara, CA – The Open Server Summit (OSS) today announced that it will feature the latest information about the forthcoming 400 GbE standard and Intel/Micron’s emerging 3D XPointTM memory/storage technology. Designers and developers will learn how to use these technologies to increase bandwidth and performance, reduce power consumption, and handle new applications in clouds, telecom, and hyperscale websites. Open Server Summit will be on April 13-14 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Ethernet Alliance IEEE P802.3bs 400 GbE task force chair John D’Ambrosia will provide the broad picture of how this new technology is being defined. His keynote at 1:40 pm on Wednesday, April 13 will offer the inside view on the choices that have been made. In an earlier session on Wednesday at 10:00 am, task force participant Mark Gustlin of Xilinx will discuss what designers need to know about the new standard, and Scott Feller of Inphi will describe the PAM4 signaling scheme that is a key change from previous standards.

Micron Technology Vice President of Advanced Storage Solutions Rob Peglar will use his keynote at 11:30 am on Thursday, April 14 to describe the current state of 3D XPoint, its likely progress, and its early applications. He will show how much higher storage speeds will change architectures and lead to both improved performance for current applications and a wide range of new applications.

All these sessions are available to attendees for free, as are other keynotes by such industry leaders as HP Enterprise, Microsoft, Mellanox, Cavium, Lenovo, and Inspur Systems (top server manufacturer in China on hyperscale datacenters).
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About Open Server Summit

Open Server Summit (“OSS”), produced by Conference Concepts, celebrates its 7th anniversary April 13-14 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. OSS focuses on the design of next-generation servers with topics ranging from semiconductors and network interface cards through powerful high-end systems and overall infrastructure design and operation. The conference also covers data center efficiency, SSDs, CoreOS, cloud server design, the future of open server and open storage, and other efforts toward combining industry-standard hardware with open-source software. This year’s event will also cover the key (server-related) topics from ETS such as 25/40/50/100/200/400 GbE, convergence, open source switching, Ethernet in data centers, Ethernet roadmap, Ethernet buyer behavior, Open Ethernet, and Ethernet market research.

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