East London developer launches first pre-qualifying property selling site: Editorial with images

London property developer set to shake up housing market with unique website

Online PR News – 10-March-2016 – London, USA, Indonesia, Hong Kong – A new property selling site has set its sights on shaking up the housing market after coming up with an innovative way to get rid of browsers - and speeding up business.

For the first time ever both sellers and serious buyers can communicate without the hassle and expense of dealing with unsure, undecided and uncooperative third parties, with the launch of Vamoove.com.

The property site uses a unique pre-qualification process for potential buyers, which has been designed to put a stop to endless open house weekends, pointless advertising the constant calculation of fees.

Simply - to be able to view the full agent and property details, and be listed as a bona fide buyer - users must add their solicitor's or lender's details as well as providing proof of funds - simple.

So sellers will only ever be contacted by people who are ready to buy their new home.

Uniquely, costs are clear from the get-go allowing the site to eliminate time wasters and put power in the hands of the members.

And while it might seem like Silicone Valley style innovation - the idea came from a family-run business in east London.

After decades of wasting precious time on 'browsers' rather than buyers, developer and entrepreneur Lukas Sheen decided it was time for a change.

With the internet giving people the chance to connect all over the globe Lukas came up with what they believe is a certain solution to the daily problems of property developers, frustrated buyers and sellers who are desperate for a simple solution.

So, Vamoove.com was born.

Lukas said: "After 15 years of experience in property development and running a successful company, by which we renovate, buy, sell and let, we became frustrated and disheartened with the market.

"We found frustration when finding no off market property deals with ease.

"There is nothing like Vamoove on the market.

"It is for the legitimate agents who have nothing to hide with no hidden fees and is for the true buyers who are serious and are ready to make a purchase.

"I am looking to achieve clarity and fairness in the property market. The website has no ceiling and is a simple portal with no frills.

"It is not limited to agents. It makes it a fool proof system to deal with property where ever and whoever you are."

How does it work?

Vamoove.com operates like any other social media site, giving people a platform to connect.

Like LinkedIn or Facebook - for the purpose of selling homes.

Sellers can list their properties - or entire portfolios - and buyers can easily browse to fit their budget from cosy British homes to bespoke apartments in the US and beyond.

And without hefty agents fees- buyers can free-up more cash to splash on their dream property

Simple for sellers

Vamoove.com listings attract serious buyers which means the chance of a property selling are dramatically increased.

Fees are listed at the get-go and not a penny more is paid - giving clarity which is simply not available through outdated selling used by most agents.

Pre-qualifying means you know exactly who you are dealing with, and whether or both they can realistically buy your property.

Benefits for buyers

Pre-qualification is a controversial concept - but listing solicitors details and providing evidence of funds is proven to work in your favour.

Buyers are also given access to off-market unique properties - cutting down the competition.

The prices listed are realistic - sellers are looking to do serious business, without the phoney offers agents often use to bump up the price of a property.

Fees are listed - agents are eliminated.

Take control of your sale and save your money.
Visit vamoove.com