Dunrite’s Pest Control in Logan Guarantees to Eliminate Termites From Your Home

Dunrite promises the residents of Logan that with their efficient service of termite management and elimination, customers are safe from termites.

Online PR News – 09-March-2016 – Gold Coast – Dunrite, a company that provides pest control services in Logan, has successfully accomplished the extinction of termites from several places. The company has attained this feat due to the vast list of pest control services it offers. Dunrite has continued on its mission to advocate to homeowners and business owners about the importance of hiring professionals to survey their place for termite invasion.

The List of Pest Control Services Dunrite Offers

Dunrite has employed experience exterminators, providing them with advanced equipment to carry out the termite elimination process. The company is always on the hunt for new and fresh ideas to add to their existing portfolio of services. Right now, Dunrite offers their clients with the following pest control services:

1. Boron Treatments- Treat the timber to stop termites from eating the wood.
2. Termite Tracking- Exterminators utilise a microwave termite tracking system to detect the presence of termites.
3. Moisturise Meters- Exterminators utilise meter test equipment to detect damp spots in the area, caused by termites.
4. Borescope- Exterminators place the Optic Fibre Borescope into a hole they have made in the wall to receive an image of termites.
5. Infra Red Wall Cameras- Exterminators use cameras to detect activity of termites in the smallest cavities.
6. Termiticide Replenishment System- Exterminators insert the equipment into a hole in the ground during the construction process to release particles blocking the area.
7. Timber Preservation- The technology treats areas of the house or building prone to termite infestation.

They Are the Best in Logan

According to the spokesperson of the company, “Our termite pest control in Logan services will provide the residents with relief at knowing that they are free of termites. Before we conduct the services, we take into account the safety of your family and pets. Once we have established safe barriers, our exterminators will work on detecting the area infested with termites, and then eliminate them for good.”

About the Company

Dunrite is a termite and pest control treatment company with a business history of almost 20 years. The company is owned and operated by experienced professionals and technicians. Dunrite provides top-notch customer services with the use of most modern technological equipment combined with traditional termite and pest treatments.


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