Prsy app and its patented technology (OS) is now available on Google Play, Windows and Amazon Store

NMInformatics, a forward-thinking mobile app developer, announced that its groundbreaking social app, Prsy, is now available in multiple major app stores.

Online PR News – 09-March-2016 – United States – Making its debut earlier this year on Google Play, the mobile app for social interaction can now also be found on Amazon and on Windows Store. The most recent update (version 2.0) is also able to publish user apps in the most secure OS (BlackBerry PRIV and BlackBerry 10) for both Windows platforms and Blackberry PRIV.

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"With Prsy, you are able to create your own personalized social app within minutes," said Cyndy Agustin, spokesperson for NMINformatics. "Why rely on the inflexibility of third party social apps to interact with your contacts? With Prsy, you can share links, and post pictures and video directly via your own app." Reaching out to connect with others is simple, with the new app platform giving users incredible social flexibility.

Prsy represents the next generation of social media. Existing social apps require users to go through a rigid, third-party platform with minimal opportunity for customization. "You don't need to be a programmer to take full advantage of the flexibility of Prsy," said Miss Agustin. "The early traction of Prsy and the demand we've seen for this type of flexible social app has been overwhelming, and as a result, we are making it even easier to access to the app with its availability for download in multiple stores, including Google Play, Amazon, and the Windows Store."

Prsy lets users create their own social platform to interact with others. Once an app is created, users personalize it under their own name, and auto-publish it to app stores for friends and family to download. The steps are simple and registration is free, any users can see their name in the app store, delivering both public and private areas to share content, updates and your innermost thoughts.

A major advantage is that upon registration and publication of your name, the name becomes only available to the user (no other can register using same name), making the username 'a brand' in the app stores in over 80% of world smartphones.


With a simple request, your own app and icon are delivered to your mobile phone, right next to your Instagram and Twitter. An email notification will let you know that you're in the app store!
With app launch, you will be able to connect with other users, share video, documents, access the cloud, play and share music, and more
Prsy features offer a unique way of sharing contents by creating multiple private and public "Corners" to share and post with friends and family. Ensuring you are in full control when it comes to privacy and security.
Want to share more? Post your Corner's contents directly to other social media like FB, Twitter, Whatsapp plus Prsy. (of course!)
Pricing and Availability:

Version 2.0 is free. To download the app or learn more about Prsy, go to:

Google Play:

BlackBerry PRIV:

Amazon Store:

Windows Store:

or you can download directly via the web through Prsy Website

Prsy Video

Device Requirements for Android:

Requires: Android 4.0 and up.
Size: 13 M
Language: English

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