PERKOTEK Brings ISO Certified Turnstile Systems for Improved Access Control Inside Office Spaces

Monitoring visitors and employees is a major onus of responsibility for the security managers associated with various enterprises.

Online PR News – 09-March-2016 – Istanbul – Istanbul, Turkey - PERKOTEK or Personel Devam Kontrol Teknolojileri, a Turkey based security system supplier, recently announced that they have launched a wide range of ISO certified turnstile systems for access control inside commercial premises that receive a daily influx of casual visitors and insiders. The company, a nationwide distributer of security systems in Turkey, recently claimed in a statement released for the press that they have matched innovation with superior quality steel and other materials to manufacture the turnstile systems that are already in use in numerous Turkey-based offices and factories.

One behalf of PERKOTEK, Cenk Yerlikaya, the media manager of the company, recently commented that their their turnstile systems come equipped with built-in fingerprint reading technology that has been proven highly instrumental in recognizing staff members and blocking unwanted intruders. Yerlikaya added that the turnstile systems are completely configurable and are made in compliance with the ISO and CE requirements. He also stated that the systems are expressly manufactured for modern day offices, factories and other sorts of commercial spaces. He claimed that the systems are failsafe when it comes to controlling and blocking access to staff-only areas of commercial premises.

“Our systems are all built keeping in mind the security concerns of employers and managers in Turkey and all over the world. It is true that unwanted intrusion is a major security threat that security managers working with different enterprises got to avert. However, many security systems that are in use in Turkey are outdated. Our turnstile systems, on the contrary, are failsafe as we use the latest fingerprint recognition technology in our systems. We believe that we have successfully addressed the security concerns of enterprisers and managers the world over and across Turkey”, said Cenk Yerlikaya during a recent press meet.

PERKOTEK, which has its manufactory in Istanbul, offers now both one legged turnstile systems and two legged turnstile systems, toilet turnstile systems, gym turnstile systems and a vast range of access control systems. The fingerprint reading technology that they use in their access control systems is the best in its category, Cenk Yerlikaya claimed.

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PERKOTEK is a Turkey based access control system manufacturer.

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