REALITY SHIFT documentary shows gateways to new realities, healing and life after death OR does it?

Documentary follows 5 people -- NASA Scientist, Shaman, Meditation Guru, 3D Medicine Practitioner, Cosmic Consciousness Author -- and their new realities.

Online PR News – 09-March-2016 – Brighton, United Kingdom – Reality Shift introduces five very different people and their moments of spiritual transcendence and breakthroughs to new realities. Is it possible for your whole world to change in an instant? Or it this just brain chemicals?

South Barr Productions is proud to announce the Reality Shift, a documentary directed by Mark Kaye.

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From the use of psychedelic drugs deep in the rain forest to spontaneous Jedi related spiritual epiphanies we learn what they brought back - radical shifts of perception, the secrets of healing, what happens after death, how to live a better life and save the world.

We follow the wise shaman Jez Hughes, former NASA scientist Adi Andrei, cosmic consciousness author Phoebe Wyss, three dimensional medicine practioner Mariola Innes and meditation guru Karma Karl into a brand new reality. Also included is a very special guest who will intrigue conspiracy theorists everywhere. The film climaxes with a completely unexpected twist which will turn your whole world upside down and gives your very own Reality Shift!