RST Solutions is Offering Innovative Erosion Control Products to Reduce Water Consumption by 50%

RST Solutions is offering advanced control products that can help businesses reduce water consumption by up to 50%.

Online PR News – 08-March-2016 – Brisbane – RST Solutions, a high-tech and innovative environmental solutions company, is offering innovative erosion control services and products to different industries looking to reduce water consumption by up to 50%. The company designs innovative products to offer better solutions to various industries.

Erosion Control Products to Help Save Money

The erosion control products offered by RST Solutions help different industries save lots of money. Construction and mining companies come across erosion and dust issues that end up making them lose lots of money. The dust from construction and mining can spread in the air, causing vision to get blurry, which reduces work-efficiency and results in productivity decline. Furthermore, if the dust issues are not settled in time, environmental companies often sue such companies over the damage caused to the environment.

Talking to the press about dust control, a spokesperson from the company said, “Erosion control in Australia is a big issue and many industries are paying the cost of not having a proper system in place. We have invested a lot of time in research and development of such products that allow businesses to control dust and reduce water consumption on their project by up to 50%.”

High-Tech Mechanical Equipment for Dust Control

RST Solutions has a team of expert scientists and mechanics who are constantly engaged in developing new products and machinery for dust control issues. When asked about their machinery, the spokesperson went on to say, “We have designed special mechanical equipment to minimise dust emissions and protect not only the environment and the life, but also to enhance work efficiency.”

He further added, “We have designed spray nozzles and pumping equipment that can reduce dust emissions, preventing companies from spending thousands on covering the consequences of mining and construction.”

About the Company
Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) is a leading global environmental company that specialises in providing quality service for construction, mining, civil and agricultural industries. The company also creates dust suppression, erosion control & stabilisation, and water & sediment products and solutions for its clients. The company has received several awards for its sustainable environmental products.

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