BoyzRecord Label is Proud to Announce the Signing of Shiest City

Record label and talent development firm BoyzRecord has officially signed Shiest City as of 2016.

Online PR News – 08-March-2016 – Los Angeles – Record label and talent development firm BoyzRecord has officially signed Shiest City as of 2016. This new partnership will see the talented rapper from Brooklyn, New York, find his stride in the hip-hop industry, produce new tracks for listeners worldwide, and distribute his music to a wide audience.

BoyzRecord was newly launched in 2015 and has a knack for finding hidden talent in all of the musical genres. Shiest City himself boasts an impressive array of mix tracks, including titles such as, “Work,” “Checks,” “That’s My Bitch,” “Lil Nigga,” “Now She Wanna,” “Brooklyn,” Lie,” “Politics,” “Right Now,” and “Truffle Butter.” He also carries his own clothing line, Darksid3, which offers high quality clothing inspired by the always evolving hip-hop industry. Coming on March 26, Shiest City will be unveiling his new hit single, “So Loud,” which is guaranteed to be a fan favorite.

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President Justin Novel is excited to add Shiest City to the BoyzRecord team and looks forward to his promising rap career.

“Shiest City is a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop industry and we are ecstatic to have him with us. He is a talented rapper, an analytical thinker, and a respectable lyricist,” - Novel.

Vice President Briana Hetherington praised Shiest City for his immense talent and dedication to the rap genre.

“Not only is Shiest City a talented rap artist, he is an exceptionally business ordinated individual, is driven, coachable, and dedicated to improving himself on all levels. We see great things in his music, clothing brand, and his ability to captivate audiences with his powerful lyrics,” - Hetherington.

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