publishes guide to hurricane seasons

How well do you know your hurricane seasons? See our new guide which aims to to help travellers gain a better understanding of tropical storms around the world.

Online PR News – 08-March-2016 – London, UK – How much do you know about hurricane seasons? Do you know the difference between a hurricane and a tropical storm? Or, when and where they occur, and how likely it is that your holiday might affected by a hurricane? All of these issues and more are tackled in our new hurricane season guide complete with an interactive tool to help you assess the tropical storm risk when it comes to travelling to destinations worldwide throughout the year.

The tool is designed to clearly display the percentage chance of encountering any affects from a tropical storm in hurricane prone regions of the world. While it shows you all the information you need to decide if a destination is safe to visit at a given time of year, it's also thrown up some interesting and, more importantly, money saving facts about visiting certain regions during their peak storm seasons.

For example, the Caribbean's peak tourist season runs from the end of November until around April, when there's little to no chance of encountering a tropical storm. However, if you look at the percentage chance of being affected by a storm during the hurricane season, you will see that it is really quite low. This means that destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica and Barbados could and should be considered as prime summer holiday spots, when the weather is typically hot and sunny, and there are countless online offers available.

Cuba's tropical storm season peaks in October, although the percentage change of your holiday being affected by a tropical storm at this time is still only 3%

As well as the tropical storm search, you will find out everything you never knew you wanted to know about tropical storms around the globe, including interesting facts and what to look out for if you do find yourself caught in a hurricane.'s hurricane season guide and interactive tool is online and ready for you to use right now.