UTK Games Brings the New Exciting Trivial Board Game Ever…..!

UTK Games Brings the New Exciting Trivial Board Game Ever…..!

Online PR News – 07-March-2016 – Renton – The creators of “Eat It Drink It Smoke Do It” a leading trivial board game believe that online and mobile trivia games have the power to connect people and friends across the globe. Online games allow you to connect with your friends breaking the rules of conventional physical proximity.

UTK games has combined technological advantage with trivial board games that’s all. “Eat It Drink It Smoke Do It” aims to provide people with entertainment at the same time enabling them to connect with their friends. It is effortlessly simple with an eye catching user interface. Currently the game is available on iOS, Android and web. You can log in via your Facebook account to access the web version of the game.

The game is based on multiple choice questions in which a card is drawn by a player, the word or phrase is displayed and then you guess if the displayed item can be eaten, drank, smoked or performed as an activity. The game starts with a core of 69 points and points are deducted for right answers, the first one to reach zero wins. The simplicity of this game makes it the best trivial board game ever.

The game is simple there are difficult questions under the category of “Impossible Questions”. Although you have twenty five percent chance of winning this game, wrong answers are penalized making it more interesting trivial board game. “Impossible Questions” are difficult but worth a lot of points. Answer these correctly and you would probably win a color card to getting a free kick to win the game regardless of your current points standing.

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of this engaging trivial board game is the option to start a multi-player game without a competitor. Such multiplayer game will remain open until a competitor tries to beat the initiating player’s score.

Currently the creators of “Eat It Drink It Smoke Do It” are focusing on their marketing efforts on India, a thriving market for online trivial board games and with ever expanding number of smartphone users. The company plans to expand into the western and eat Asian market in recent future.

To know more about “Eat It Drink It Smoke Do It”, do visit http://www.utkgames.com/ or download from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

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