JAX Disaster Gear Announces Vast Range Of Products

Emergency Supplies of all kinds now under one roof

Online PR News – 07-March-2016 – Mar 07, Seatle, Washington – 7th March 2016: JAX Disaster Gear has announced its vast collection of Emergency Supplies that include everything users might need to protect themselves and their loved ones in situations that are beyond their control.

These instances are not uncommon today and regions that were considered safe are also prone to them. It could be a natural disaster like storm, flood or wildfire and in other cases, it could be a man made one given the political situation in the world; there's not a lot people can do to prevent them. However what they can do is be prepared for emergencies that can arise because of these situations.

When these disasters strike it's only natural to think about the safety and comfort of loved ones. Users also want to try and keep their belongings safe as much as possible. They can now do that with the help of Survival Kits that are brought to them by JAX Disaster Gear. The good news is that since it is a specialized online store, users don't have to go from one place to another to find them.

Whether it's the First Aid kit or food supplies that will help users see themselves through the difficult period, the store has it all for users. JAX Disaster Gear understands the importance of quality as far as these supplies are concerned. That's the reason it stocks products from reliable brands, which speak volumes about their quality. The store also does everything possible to ensure that users get their hands on these supplies at affordable rates.

Some of the options available at the store include:
• Guardian Survival kit is available for $38.99 while Guardian Deluxe survival kit can be bought for $55.99.
• Guardian Elite Survival kit is another smart purchase at the store for $73.99.
• Guardian Hunters survival kit is for $74.99 and Guardian Food storage survival kit can be purchased for $179.00.
• Those looking for a comprehensive option can buy Guardian Deluxe food storage kit that is available at the store for $239.00.

JAX Disaster Gear has many other offerings that can be just perfect for users' survival through difficult situations.

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It is a dedicated online store that has all types of supplies, which people might need to ensure that they survive through disasters.

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