Mish Coin Phase 1 Launch!!! New Virtual Currency Taking On Bitcoin!!!

Mish coin is the new virtual currency about to change the world. Bitcoin look out!!!

Online PR News – 07-March-2016 – Brisbane, QLD – Mish coin is very different from other virtual currencies. The value of Mish Coins are pre-determined until phase 3 which is the initial public offer (officially). However members can order Mish Coin in phase 1 for only $0.10. This has never been done before and we at Mish Coin are very excited about it.

If our members buy Mish Coins in phase 1 for $0.10 each, these coins will be worth $409.60 when we officially release the currency on the open market in just a few weeks.

More information is available on our website, however basically the currency is released in Phase 1 for $0.10 each and will double in value each week for 12 weeks during phase 2.

You can buy, sell or exchange your Mish Coin at any time during phase 2 or simply hold them until phase 3 when they are worth $409.60.

At this point you can hold the coin, sell, exchange or buy items at any of the merchants who have already pre-registered to accept mishcoin as their payment processor.

Mish Coin is here to fill the holes that other virtual currency services such as Bitcoin currently have such as:


*Earning potential

*Ease of sending and receiving payments

In phase 1 we are also launching our pre-launch referral party where we are paying $10000 cash for the top 100 referrers. That's right, you can simply share our website via your unique referral link within your member area to win $10000 instant cash!!!

Mish Coin is currently in pre-launch. Sign up now for free and take advantage of this opportunity while you still can!!!