Attack! Introduces the Underground Book Club

Attack! is proud to launch the Underground Book Club, a wired-in word-of-mouth marketing project that integrates online brand ambassadors, social networking and immersive media for an innovative twist on the classic book club.

Online PR News – 07-October-2010 – – The Underground Book Club creates online buzz for authors and literary agents by harnessing the interactive power of Attack!’s 50,000+ online brand ambassadors. Integrating online social networking, multi-media reader/author/character interaction and deep tracking and archiving of all generated media, we create an unforgettable reading experience for readers and authentic online buzz for new titles.

"The Underground Book Club creates pre-release buzz for new books by connecting our army of online brand ambassadors with books from within the genres they love” says Attack! CXO and Co-Founder, Andrew Loos. “We’ve crafted an authentic and engaging immersive media experience for everyday readers and their existing social media communities. From there we let the power of word of mouth influence do its work and get out of the way."

Teaming up with Rare Bird Literary Events & Promotions and author Karen Essex, Attack! executed the first run of the Underground Book Club around the summer release of Essex’s Dracula in Love. Using proprietary staffing technology, Attack! identified and invited 55 active social media influencers and vampire-fiction enthusiasts to join. Pre-release copies of the book were sent out and readers engaged in daily Facebook Fan Page conversations, crafted phone and web interactions with story characters, and invited the most active readers to an online video chat with the author. Throughout the program, readers posted personalized links to the book’s landing page on their own social media networks, creating buzz within their established networks.

6,710 social media impressions.
9.2% click-thru rate.
Hundreds of online mentions and conversations.

Review from author Karen Essex:
“I expected success, but I have been blown away by the way UGBC organized the campaign and elicited a wholly genuine response from the participants. Their innovative marketing ideas brought freshness and excitement to the experience, and the readers have moved beyond being promoters to being true fans. I will never launch a book again without Underground Book Club!"

Tyson Cornell, Founder of Rare Bird Literary Events & Promotions:
“The Underground Book Club is essential for all literary campaigns in the 21st Century.”

Using the same proprietary technology and process used to match promotional talent with live events across the country, Attack! uses a national database of over 50,000 online brand ambassadors to match brands with social media advocates. Attack! continues to redefine the role of traditional promotional staff by leading the way in event marketing development.

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