Mark Houston Recovery Introduces 30-Day Program Option

Mark Houston Recovery is pleased to announce a 30-Day Program option for residents who are embarking on their personal journey towards a life of permanent sobriety.

Online PR News – 02-April-2009 – – Austin, TX -- Mark Houston Recovery (MHR), the Texas drug and alcohol recovery center responsible for helping hundreds of men reclaim their lives from addiction, is pleased to announce the addition of a 30-Day Program option for recovery.

While having a minimum 90-day recovery program is extremely beneficial in the recovery process for men whose history shows that they need more time, new residents will be able to benefit from the added option of a 30-day program as well. This effectual 30-day option will allow more flexibility for those residents whose current life situations dictate the length of their stay. Additionally, this option also makes it more affordable ($15,000, not including detox) for those residents who may have financial constraints. Other added benefits of this new program include but are certainly not limited to the following:

1.All Males/22 Beds- Nothing goes unnoticed. Residents won't have any distractions, which means more work will be accomplished during their 30-day stay.

2.Immersion Into 12 Steps- Residents will be able to experience power, peace, happiness, sense of direction, and connection with a Higher Power.

3.Residents Held Accountable- Residents will be held accountable for their actions and will be taught how to function in society and everyday life.

4.Grow up Mentally, Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually- Residents will be able to demonstrate their maturity via their actions as well as take responsibility for their lives.

5.Learn Life Skills- Residents will learn the value of having a daily schedule and will become better communicators. They will also become more disciplined, focused and organized.

6.Responsibility for Themselves- Residents will learn about accountability.

7.Nutritious Meals- Residents will experience better mental, physical and emotional health.

8.Daily Physical Exercise- Under the guidance of trainers, residents will get into shape and will be able to make the connection between exercise and feeling good- all of which is essential for recovery.

9.Several Options Available- In order to meet the needs of both the residents and their families, more options will be available to residents upon their discharge from the recovery program.

10.A Beautiful Ranch set on 54 Acres- Complete with beautiful surroundings and various amenities, which include a gym and pool, residents will be able to enjoy a peaceful healing process.

When making the decision to move towards a life characterized by permanent recovery and abundance, these (and many more areas) make Mark Houston Recovery both an excellent and exciting choice.

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