Network Forensics Receives a New Tool: RedSplice Network Analyzer v6.1.9

RedSplice Network Analyzer v6.1.9 brings new dimensions to traditional network sniffing

Online PR News – 05-March-2016 – CA – Gathering and analyzing information contained in network traffic has become at once much easier and much harder. As more and more devices and computers get connected to the Internet, the amount of data and the range of traffic have increased to extraordinary proportions.

Trying to make sense of what really happens and what is being sent and received in the background can be extremely difficult. In order to build a network security system or carry out a thorough investigation of a suspected application, or even peer into the contents of an electronic or virtual storage space, you must possess the right tools.

Redsplice now offers a Network Analyzer (network sniffer) geared towards network forensic specialists, system administrators, Web developers, network security engineers, IT professionals of all kinds as well as curious minds to help detect and discern protected content. If you are in a profession that requires you to piece together various parts of network traffic and activities, the process of doing so can be difficult and frustrating.

Redsplice provides customized tools that help security researchers, forensic specialists, network administrators, and others do their job.

RedSplice software has the ability to decode all of the most used TCP/IP protocols, which are then displayed in a way that makes it easy to identify the structure and the information contained within.

Most Internet traffic these days uses SSL/TLS encryption often coupled with gzip compression which only adds to the difficulty of the network analyst's job. Detecting malicious traffic and creating countermeasures to them is much harder if you can't easily decrypt SSL on the fly.

Redsplice gives you the ability to decode SSL traffic offline and also live through its own integrated kernel level SSL proxy. By using a packet capture of the traffic and SSL private keys or by simply doing a live session using RedSplice you will be able to quickly get to the meat of the content being passed in or out.

Content extraction is another feature of Redsplice's new network analyzer. RedSplice enables you to extract the information available in the HTTP(S)-based traffic and put it in a form that is simple to conceptualize and understand. Using it will enable you to view images, videos, flash files, and Javascript content.

There are many other features included in the network analyzer software. RedSplice Network Analyzer will also give you the power you need to engage in both defensive and investigative operations.

Keeping up with the latest advancements in cyber security and surveillance is a job in itself. Redsplice gives you the assistance you need by putting in your hands the latest advancements in network monitoring. If you are concerned about protecting yourself against cyber-attacks and cyber-spying, then you ought to take measures that will keep your IT team ahead of such threats. Giving them the ability to more adeptly and effectively analyze network traffic and content will significantly improve their chances of defending your network. It is the right investment to make.

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