Pop-Rock Singer Brooke Adams to Release Solo Single on dubb Records

dubb Records artist, Brooke Adams, formerly of Billboard Charting TBG5, is set to release solo single early this Spring

Online PR News – 04-March-2016 – New York – dubb Records is excited to announce the first single of newly signed pop-rock singer Brooke Adams. The stunning, Texas-born artist was tapped by Michael Jackson as having an "extraordinary talent touched by God."

Adams is set to release her debut single, "Still Fighting", written by dubb Records Founder/Executive Producer Anthony West and songwriter Alma Goodman in the next few weeks.

Why did you choose "Still Fighting" as your debut song?
Brooke Adams: While there wasn't an exact plan to come up with a song like "Still Fighting" when we started writing for the album, the topics are hard to miss with everything going on (hunger, poverty, war, discrimination, sickness). I like to write songs about what I feel strongly about and these are topics that weigh heavily on my mind. "Still Fighting" delivers a message I strongly believe in and will stand behind always.

Why is it the right time for this song?
Brooke Adams: Social media has made it so much easier to find people who share your viewpoint and create a movement. It's easier to find out what is going on all over the world. It's time for us to speak out and make some real changes.

What do you hope people will learn / be inspired to do, when they hear it?
Brooke Adams: I'm hoping for the song to inspire people to think, talk to others, and do something to make things better. Something small can create a movement that grows into something that can change lives.

Anthony West, dubb Records Founder/Executive Producer and "Still Fighting" co-writer said of Brooke, "We are incredibly proud to have signed Brooke. She is pure grace and power – not only in her talent and work ethic, but also her energy and commitment to humanity. "Still Fighting" is an ideal representation of those things… to remember that no matter what the world deals you, keep on; when you see injustice, stand up and defend those who cannot stand for themselves; don't only speak your mind when there is a tragedy happening in the world, speak up always. Only then is when we can make a change."

Watch for Brooke Adams debut single "Still Fighting" on all platforms, as well as her dynamic music video!

Don't miss a moment… Brooke is online at LoveBrookeAdams.com and her on all socials @LoveBrookeAdams.

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Website: http://www.LoveBrookeAdams.com
Music: http://brookeadamsmusicofficial.com/audio/details/still-fighting/