Health Screening Facilities prove to be a major breakthrough in the Fight against Cancer!

In 2011, Edward Sobczewski co-founded Eternity Medicine Institute, which in just 4 years has become one of the leading medical prevention centers in the world.

Online PR News – 04-March-2016 – Dubai - United Arab Emirates – Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases to have ever stuck. Scientist and researchers are constantly working to come up with new medications, methods and procedures to suppress the disease and in effect cure it.

But a noteworthy aspect of all types of cancers is that it is known to be deadly because of its ability to spread quickly yet silently throughout the body. And all oncologists believe that if cancers, of any types are detected at earlier stage then they have a much greater chance to be completely treated. Statistics show that as high as 40% of cancers can be treated if detected at an early stage. This is an astounding figure which implies that a major route towards curing cancer is through predictive and preventative medicine.

The co-owner of Eternity Medicine, Mr Edward Sobczewski pursued this thought further in the form of establishing a health screening facility, which can potentially help diagnose patients at an early stage hence, immensely boosting their chances of survival and full-recovery. When inquired about this vision he replied as,

“The increasing incidence of cancer has made it a global issue and we believe that instead of focusing on treatment measures after the disease has already been given a chance to progress and stimulated immense pain in patients. It seems much more sensible to shift our attention towards preventative and predictive measure to minimize the chances of the occurrence of the disease, in the first place”

The facilities offered at Eternity Medicine are an exact product of this vision and have been functioning with the sole purpose of increasing vitality in individuals with the use of high tech scanning and testing equipment. That allow physicians to get a better understanding of the internal condition of the body and to make sure everything is in order.

Health Screening is not only conducted to detect cancer, it is also highly useful in the general monitoring of the body like the blood glucose levels, blood pressure, heart rate and BMI.

These findings are then analyzed by physicians and then they recommend a series of preventative measure to be conducted. To prevent the progression of any disease and to suppress those that has already emerged. This can be in the form of medication, lifestyle changes, therapy or surgical treatment depending on what the diagnosis dictates.

Cancer is undoubtedly a life threatening disease and with the increasing number of cases, of different forms of cancers in increasing numbers arising. It is crucial to seek measures to prevent it any way we can. And health screening has proven to be an extremely viable route to not only detect life-threatening disease that the body may be silently be victimized by, but to also assure that the body is naturally healthy and will not suffer from any illnesses in the future as well.

A senior member working at Eternity commented on it as,

“Health Screening is an incredible achievement in the field of predictive and preventative medicine and is working to enhance the lifestyle of thousands of individuals and possibly preventing them from being stricken by life taking diseases. And that is an amazing service to provide”