A1 Articles Announces Partnership With AOL Yedda

The biggest challenge that a lot of online business owners face is, proper marketing of their websites. Submitting articles in an article directory is an easy and cost effective way of marketing websites and online businesses. A1 Articles, a leading free article directory which has partnered with AOL Yedda, now offers a question and answer service also.

Online PR News – 07-October-2010 – – With cut-throat competition these days, it can be extremely difficult to make a mark and stay at the leading edge. Amongst so many marketing techniques, article directory submission is the best. Other techniques of online marketing are both expensive and time-consuming. In comparison, submitting fresh and keyword-rich articles in an article directory does not cost any money. Additionally, you get increased website traffic and other benefits that last for years to come. The other reasons that make articles submission even more valuable are:

• Attracts Prospects Who Would Not Have Heard About You Otherwise: With every article you submit, you're able to cast a wider range of buyers. The content catches attention of new customers and automatically you get more traffic for your website.
• Boosts Your Business Credibility: By submitting free content and providing back links in the article, you are able to increase the visibility of your website.
• Increases Brand Recognition: By submitting multiple articles, you're able to make a connection with the reader’s mind. This also helps in increasing your website's popularity.
• Creates Trust: Your visitors are already converted because of the knowledge that your articles offer. The content in your articles motivate readers to investigate the product that you sell on your website.
• Attracts Targeted Visitors: The resource box at the end of the article contains information about you and your website. By clicking on the link given in the resource box, you get both traffic and the buyers.
• Improves Alexa Ranking Of Your Website: Alexa ranking is based on the numbers of visitors that visit your website. With increasing traffic, your Alexa rankings automatically improve.
• Powerful Advertising For Free: To submit articles in an article directory, you don't have to pay a fee. By submitting good quality articles, you're able to pre-sell your product.

Where To Submit Articles?

Once you have written and edited an article, the problem is which article directory you must submit it in. It is important to choose a good article directory because you'll be able to receive a lot of benefits. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of article directories that you choose and submit your article in the proper niche.

Before submitting any content in an article directory, you'll have to sign up for an account with them. It is a good idea to designate a pen name. Make sure the article you are planning to post in an article directory is unique and Copyscaped. Once you submit the article, the editor goes through it and in case of any problem, you are automatically notified. There is a word limit and you must adhere to that as well.

A1 Articles is one of the best article directories where you can post unlimited free content. The company has recently partnered AOL Yedda and has also come up with a question and answer service.

For more information about article directory submissions, visit www.a1articles.com.


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