Grease Trap Installation For Commercial Kitchens By Allied/All City Inc

Grease trap installation in commercial kitchens with Allied/All City Inc ensures an interception of fats, oils and grease for sewage contamination prevention.

Online PR News – 03-March-2016 – Copiague – Suffolk, NYC, 3rd March, 2016- Grease traps are something very important for commercial kitchens and used to intercept FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) preventing sewage contamination prevention. Allied/All City Inc, a leading company based in New York has been providing installations, repairs as well as upgrades of existing grease traps in commercial kitchens to separate fats, oils and grease content from its wastewater.

Every commercial kitchen owner has a better knowledge that accumulation of grease in the tank and drain can be a major aspect to be taken care of, especially for the health of the atmosphere. If the septic tank isn’t drained or cleaned monthly, it’s obvious that the food and grease particles can get accumulated in the tank. As a result, it will prevent the water from draining into the sewage and hence, the water backs up in the commercial system. Not only it will affect the plumbing system, but also some sanitation issues will come up that can prevent the restaurant operation.

Recently, the spokesperson of Allied/All City Inc explained that,”Dealing with FOG can be a big issue for restaurants and food service kitchens. If it is not dealt in a proper manner, can lead to sewer blockages. When grease enters the wastewater stream, it can form solid particles that make an increase in time and treatment cost at wastewater plants. Thus, it’s imperative for commercial kitchen operations, to consider grease trap installation to trap FOG particles from entering the sewer system.”

Allied/All City Inc ’s plumbers provide cost efficient, customer friendly solutions like new installation, repair or upgrades of grease traps for commercial kitchen. The basic design of their grease trap is quite simple and they work well by using gravity and coalescent for separation of grease particles. “Regular maintenance is needed to ensure proper operation of grease traps” he added before signing off.

By considering grease traps installation with Allied/All City Inc, as a restaurant manager or owner, you can get rid of any potential damage to your commercial kitchen, a result of the build up of grease and food. With their professional assistance, you can keep the kitchen sanitary and prevent bad odors from the restaurants that can keep the customers away and create a negative image of the restaurant. Besides, the quick and friendly technicians at Allied/All City Inc can leave you feeling confident that the job is completed in a right way. No matter whether you are in need of plumbing help or assistance regarding blockage of your commercial kitchen, the expert technicians of Allied/All City Inc with well equipped vans are capable of handling all of your plumbing needs.

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