Ecosmob Technologies announced A Whole Range of VoIP Solutions In FreeSWITCH

Ecosmob Technologies announced a whole range of VoIP software development services in FreeSWITCH technology.

Online PR News – 03-March-2016 – Washington, olympia – Ecosmob Technologies is an IT company based in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India. The company is offering different horizon of services to its clients for more than 7 years. The FreeSWITCH is one of the technology company offers services and solutions in. Based on recent announcement made by the spokesperson of the company, the Ecosmob Technologies caters the custom requirement of small to large scaled organizations with its client centric VoIP software development services in the FreeSWITCH technology. As per the announcement made, the company will offer a wide range of custom FreeSWITCH software development services. Some of the solutions are listed below with a brief explanation.

Class 4 Softswıtch
It is a VoIP softswıtch used by the wholesale VoIP service provider to offer long distance calling and VoIP related services. The company will offer the custom switch development with specific features.

IP PBX Solution
The company has announced to develop single and multi-tenant IP PBX solution with the required features.

Telemedicine IVR System
It can be used by the telemedicine industry for a variety of purposes. It can widen the reach of the telemedicine initiative and can help to cater more patients using an Interactive Voice Response menu. The company has announced to offer a multi level IVR solution based on the requirement of the telemedicine industry.

Telecom API Development
Ecosmob Technologies offers the API (Application Programming Interface) development of different types of communication and collaboration applications. These APIs can be used as a core building block of diversified web and mobile applications. This API can be as small as a calling function and as big as a complete call center or PBX system.

Appointment Booking IVR Solution
The different types of organization might need to schedule appointments for their customers. This can be an IT agency or a hospital or anyone you can think of. The appointment booking IVR solution offers an interactive way to schedule an appointment automatically. It plays an automated responsive voice menu using which the caller can schedule an appointment.

Mobile Bill Payment and Recharge IVR System
This IVR solution can be used to offer an automated interactive menu, which can be used by the mobile service providers. This can be used for paying the postpaid mobile bill or recharge the phone and data balance for prepaid mobiles.

As per the announcement made by the spokesperson of the Ecosmob Technologies, the company will offer all of the above mentioned and many more solutions development services in FreeSWITCH technology. The detailed information of the offering of the company can be viewed from following URL