AgYield Launches Innovative Farm Revenue Management Software

Farm revenue management program, AgYield assists farmers in creating more sophisticated marketing plans.

Online PR News – 03-March-2016 – Clarendon Hills, Illinois – Founded by the principals of Iowa Grain Company, AgYield, a new approach to farm management, empowers growers by taking the guesswork out of a marketing plan. The goal is for growers to experience consistent years of profits. "AgYield is not only a software program, but is also leveraged by the 45 years of experience in the farming industry," says Justin Kelly, AgYield President. AgYield is the solution for the farming industry to not only monitor products and sales, but also earn consistent annual profit.

With AgYield we customize strategies that prevent major risks and help increase revenue

AgYield includes a mobile application because farmers need to be on-the-go and in the field. The mobile component of AgYield allows growers to remain connected to their information while in the field. The AgYield mobile application sends real time updates and push notifications when decisions need to be made.

AgYield assists producers in making well informed decisions to better manage revenue, market at profitable levels and not speculate on price. "With AgYield, we customize strategies that prevent major risks and help increase revenue," stated Kelly. AgYield subscribers can create different scenarios based upon actual numbers to develop a strategy that associates with their risk tolerance. AgYield goes one step further and shows farmers why and how a specific strategy will work.

AgYield is built on a powerful platform and coupled with the combined farming experience of the management team harnesses a specific program to support growers.

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