Hemp Inc. Partners with LUV Inc. To produce CBD Labortory

Helping to prevent and ultimately cure cancer!

Online PR News – 03-March-2016 – Raleigh, North Carolina – By working together, Living Ultra-Violet Inc. and Hemp Inc. have the unique opportunity to increase interest in hemp-based CBD products, science, and medicine, ultimately impacting the general populations of the world, especially among medical research facilities and health-conscious patients in the hospital. By working with Living Ultra-Violet Inc. on this CBD production/laboratory and promoting its successes, Hemp Inc. will not only be able to present itself as a socially committed company among its customers and stakeholders, but also markets Hemp Inc. as a corporation that is striving to help cure human ailments such as cancer and epilepsy while getting tax breaks because Living Ultra-Violet Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit-thinktank.

Key Project Participants
Conrad Paul James I - Executive Director of Living Ultra-Violet Inc. In charge of the role our non-profit sustains by supplying hemp to Hemp Inc. and making sure LUV Inc. is able to sell CBD products to medical research facilities/hospitals while providing CBD for free to LUV Inc. members and general patients around the world while patenting our products.

Robert Costellano - CBD Extraction Chemist and Marketing Director of Living Ultra-Violet Inc. In charge of the full Chemical Formula to produce CBD oils/molecules and products we make from it.

Savanah Dawn Richardson - Public Relations Manager of Living Ultra-Violet Inc. In charge of our public imagery and Cure Cancer Campaign.

Phillip Boyer - Plant Manager of Hemp Inc. Decortication Factory. In charge of maintaining the proper balance between the CBD facilities and Decortication machine.

David Schmitt - Executive Officer of Hemp Inc. In charge of making sure our partnership maintains Hemp Inc’s profitable margins of interest.

Chris Wheeler - Business Development Executive of CBG Bio-Tech. In charge of Site Visiting Hemp Industrial Manufacturing LLC. and building Living Ultra-Violet’s UL listed full extraction turn-key facility in Spring Hope, NC

Living Ultra-Violet Board of Directors - In charge of keeping the spirits and morality of LUV Inc’s members and staff to the level it shall be.

Analysis of Current Situation
With Hemp Inc’s inspiring movement to make Industrial Hemp legal in North Carolina this past October 2015, Living Ultra-Violet Inc’s mission to build a factory and extraction facility in Haiti is no longer necessary because logistically it makes more economical sense for us to be able to make our CBD Extraction Facility in our home state, with American Made Hemp, with American Farmers and Staff.
This partnership is beneficial to both partners because of the economic, logistic, and American benefits. Cutting down shipping costs, legalities, and red tape helps our partnership to obtain a two-to-four year headstart on Hemp and CBD sales/marketing to any other American Companies/Entrepreneurs.
With the market value of CBD oil hitting 400,000$ per Kilogram this past January, both sides of our partnership can now gain the capital funding we both strive for our members/shareholders. The final step in our partnership will be having a extraction facility on the same grounds as the decortication factory.

Proposed Solution
Living Ultra-Violet’s position is that we obtain our full Extraction Laboratory and post-processing from CBG Bio-Tech, a twenty-year-old American company based in Ohio, and just so happen to be the leading laboratory providers in the nation; they work with WakeMed Hospitals and LabCorp just to name a couple.
In doing this we will be able to produce up to twenty-five Kilograms in a ten hour work-day while using the first American Made UL certified turn-key CBD extraction system and post-process ever made, for 150,000$ while being next to the largest hemp decortication machine in the United States.
While that happens we can also provide American Grown Hemp if it is needed to Hemp Inc, along with stipends of free CBD oil, since Hemp Inc’s CEO has hospitals he could distribute the CBD in, for the cost of rent/partnership/etc.
It seems like we will all be happy once this deal goes through, of course after the decortication factory is finished being put together, the Showtime Documentary Contract is reviewed, we handle the blast-proof room conundrum of the room our lab will be in at Industrial Hemp Manufacturing’s grounds in Spring Hope, NC and after CBG Bio-Tech can do a site visit.

Living Ultra-Violet’s interim measure for success is making this partnership blossom to the point where we are able to produce 15-25 kilograms on a daily basis, and also gathering ourselves an office space in Raleigh with the donations we receive from our members and corporate sponsors. All while our staff makes CBD products and patents to develop brand awareness and ultimately gain more members.
To measure the returns desired by Hemp Inc., whether those relate to brand awareness, employee morale, staff development, or some other goal. These measures, and responsibility for tracking them, may come from Hemp Inc. – but they should be referenced by Living Ultra-Violet Inc. so it’s clear that they are including these goals in the plan to help both companies.

What Your Hemp Inc. Will Provide
Generally Living Ultra-Violet Inc. only asks Hemp Inc. to be able to become our partner by asking them to provide us the space we need to house our extraction system, the Hemp Decorticated to the point we can use to extract CBD molecules and oil from, and potentially providing LUV Inc. with some leads we could sell our kilograms to. Anything else they could provide will become icing to the cake.

What Hemp Inc. Will Receive
In the beginning of the proposal, Living Ultra-Violet Inc. offered general information on the benefits Hemp Inc. will receive, but the most will be shown in brand awareness.
LUV Inc. expects to put Hemp Inc’s name on all the products as the corporate sponsor of our LUV Cures Campaign and Hemp Inc will be labeled on everything we produce such as chap-stick, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, candies, tinctures, and flavorings.
LUV Inc. will also be buying the extraction system ourselves and housing it in a Hemp Inc. facility in Spring Hope, NC, so if capital is desired for rent then we will work these contracts out with Hemp Inc. if needed, or if CBD oil will be a better trade for space then we will be willing to provide that as well in addition to American Grown Hemp.
These two points should make Hemp Inc. more popular around the country and produce a higher stock market value of OTC:HEMP since Hemp Inc. would then be seen as a beneficial company and technically are creating a replica of a hemp-based Research Triangle Park.