Exclusive Health Screening Programs manage to cater to Target Audiences across Dubai

In 2011, Edward Sobczewski co-founded Eternity Medicine Institute, which in just 4 years has become one of the leading medical prevention centers in the world.

Online PR News – 03-March-2016 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – A leading development in healthcare facilities is the introduction of health screening facilities that have proven to be a milestone in the field of predictive and preventative measure where individuals can be well informed about their health condition and find out what diseases and illnesses they are at a potential threat of contracting in the near future.

This is in effect a life changing service provided by the Eterninty Medicine medical facility in Dubai that is co-owned by a well known entrepreneur Mr Edward Sobczewski who already has plenty of successful projects acclaimed to this name. But eternity is distinctive in all ways and aims at providing patients a second chance at life, to educate them about the flaws in their current health and advise them the measures they must take to rectify them in the most comprehensive and efficient manner possible.

Mr. Edward further elaborated about eternity medicine as,

“We believe that health screening will change the face and form of medicine for forever and un-tap the true potential of adopting preventative measures; to save lives”

A highlighting feature of this project is the approach it has adopted to make it easily accessible and affect as many lives as possible. Many programs for this sole purpose have been launched that include corporate screening, eternity for maternity and health screening for kids and all have been widely popular.

Corporate health screening facilities focuses on screening the employees in an exclusive eternity clinic coupled with the use of eternity software solutions that allow the results of each employee, that are kept completely confidential to be communicated in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner thus maximizing it effectiveness.

When inquired about the corporate screening health screening program a physician working at the facility commented on it as,

“Living stressful lives in a metropolitan city like Dubai can trigger many diseases and illness, corporate screenings allows all such individuals to be screened under a single roof and hence their vitality”

Eternity for maternity, as the name implies focuses on prenatal monitoring of both the mother and child to assure that both the child and mother are completely healthy. The hormone and nutrition levels are monitored and a pregnancy report is created that is compared with ideal values and then a physician prescribes that the suitable measures to be conducted and whether there is a need of supplication medication of any form of additional treatment.

The emphasis provided by eternity for prenatal care is extremely important because this assures that a child life is guarded well before birth. Proper prenatal care also assures that complications like pre-birth, low birth weight and still birth are prevented.
One such expecting mother commented on her experience of maternity for eternity as,

“It was extremely helpful. I was satisfied that my child and I were in good hands. And just being well informed about all the changes that were happening and knowing that everything was in order was immensely relieving”