The Launch of a Nursery Communicator App Leaves Busy Parents Relieved in Dubai!

Kids Island Nursery has established itself as a leading education provider in Dubai with the best facilities for growing kids.

Online PR News – 03-March-2016 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – While the sudden emergence and widespread use of the most technologically advanced gadgets has been the highlighting feature of the 21st Century. A lot of people still shared mixed few about this transition into the high tech age.

Some find it to be overwhelming, leaving people so consumed in digital devices that they lack the realization of the importance of human interactions and the natural methods of things. While others find this to be merely the first step, and believe that the future should be a further step ahead of the present, in terms of technology, gadgets and facilities.

Understanding and establishing a final verdict; as to which opinion bears greater truth is a very difficult task. So for now we can settle on believing that both sides of the coins have their set of pros and cons.

But undoubtedly in the 21st century we have seen life changing discoveries being mad, that have been implemented and incorporated in our daily lives. The gadgets and technologies we are so accustomed to today had no meaning merely 20 years from now.

We practically carry all the knowledge we need in our pockets with unlimited resources, can connect with anyone across the globe in real-time and sell and make purchases in matter of minutes all while in the comfort of our homes. The scope of the digital era is unlimited and progressing day by day; with new avenues being sought and its true potential being unleashed. One such civilian commented on it as;

“It’s true! Once we take a step back and look over the facilities we are blessed with today it’s absolutely mind boggling to see how far we have come”

The launch of the Communicator app by Kids Island Nursery is one such reminder as to how far we have come. Ask any parent anywhere in the world about what they are most concerned about when they send their young kids to a foreign learning or childcare facility and you are most likely going to the get the same answer – their safety, security and well being.

The communicator app launched by Kids Island Nursery in Dubai has been developed to specifically tackle this feeling of uneasiness and concern that parents are constantly victimized of. The communicator app functions to eliminate the barrier between parenting and schooling and joins them together to maximize child grooming.

The communicator app shares exclusive information to parents about their kids’ well being and whereabouts; it conveys important announcements, notifications and reminders to keep parents well informed about their child’s activities and daily routine and hence make them feel more easy.

This app has proven to be practically beneficial to the parents of Dubai who struggle with their fast paced lives. The app allows them to know exactly what their kid is up to and be up to date about his activities at a single glance. Once such relieved parent commented on the app as,

“It is extremely helpful! As a single parent I always feel like I’m forgetting something, especially when it comes to the kids but now whenever I feel that way I just check the communicator app from my cell and I instantly feel relieved”

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