Master Ceramist Slated to Speak at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine

Certified Dental Technician to Lecture on the Role of CDT in Esthetic Cases

Online PR News – 03-March-2016 – New York, NY – On Sunday March 6th, 2016 Jason Kim, Certified Dental Technician ( and founder of Jason J. Kim Oral Design NY, will be speaking at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine, to continuing education students, on the role of the CDT in Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Execution of Complex Esthetic Cases. Kim is scheduled to speak at 10:25 am on the 6th. As a fellow lecturer among well-known dental experts, Kim will cover a variety of topics related to the field of dental implant technology, and will convey his expertise as a top tier ceramic artisan who is responsible for creating some of the world’s most recognizable smiles. A renowned ceramist, Kim treats each patient’s restorative case as a unique work of art, taking the time to carefully collaborate with his dental constituents on the entire process of tooth restoration, from beginning to end. This includes the practice of diagnosis, setting a treatment plan, and executing the course of treatment. He is able to speak on each of these steps, due to his years of experience as a top technician in the field of ceramics.

“I am looking forward to speaking on the important role that the CDT plays in diagnosis, treatment planning, and execution of esthetic cases.” States Certified Dental Technician Jason Kim. “The continuing education students at Columbia’s University of Dental Medicine are established doctors who have done great things within the industry and it is a pleasure to aid in their advanced learning process regarding all of the topics surrounding dental ceramics.”

Jason Kim specializes in full mouth reconstruction and combination cases involving dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers. Kim is revered by Manhattan’s most celebrated dentists for his work in ceramics, creating each tooth by hand for his prestigious clientele. His groundbreaking process involves maintaining an ongoing, collaborative line of open communication between the restoration technician, the dental practitioner and the patient, providing the optimal care. This continuous discussion allows him to successfully work with each of his dental associates to create ideal smiles. He will be advising Columbia’s advanced students on the importance of his role as a CDT in this process, and aid listeners in understanding how such a technician is necessary for the process of each successful tooth restoration case.

For more information on Jason Kim and Jason J. Kim Oral Design NY visit To register for attendance at Kim’s lecture please visit Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine’s Registration Page. For all media inquiries email, or call 877-841-7244.

About Jason Kim
Jason Kim, CDT is the man behind some of the most recognizable smiles. Dubbed "The Picasso of his field" by Departures Magazine, Kim has been featured in beauty exposes by W magazine, The New York Times as well as The CBS Morning News, which follow the art of creating the perfect smile. From movie and TV screens, to Broadway and music stages, he is responsible for countless celebrity teeth. But Kim isn't the dentist who creates these perfect smiles; instead he is the master ceramist who painstakingly creates each tooth by hand. He is in essence the artist who paints the perfect picture for some of the most publicized looks. With several laboratories that span from NYC to Dubai, Kim has been developing groundbreaking techniques in dental ceramics for more than 20 years and has become the favorite ceramist of Manhattan’s most prestigious dentists catering to clients of the highest profile.