a New Platform for Generating Website Revenue

With an ever increasing number of people using ad-blockers, revenue streams for content creators, like bloggers and website owners, are decreasing year on year.

Online PR News – 03-March-2016 – Marbella, Spain – “Many people don’t know that their favorite website or YouTube channel has relatively no funding,” according to the founders of “In fact, on YouTube, on average, video providers get only $1 per 1,000 views. We wanted to create a platform to establish a better revenue channel for all the hardworking website owners, bloggers, and videographers out there.”

“We want supporters of their favorite content creators to use our simple revenue transmitting platform, Designed to be quick, easy, and effective, Bonop is a user-friendly website. Think about it, what if every 100th visitor to a particular website donated only $1? It would make an incredible difference in the funding of our favorite sites.” is now officially up and running for the world to utilize. The website can be accessed in English, German and Dutch, with Spanish coming soon. Share their mission goal with your friends, family, and coworkers. Transmit Bonop’s message and ensure your favorite content creators are able to keep doing what they love.