Imetrum releases improved software, enhancing performance and features for its measurement systems

A new software release from Imetrum for its Video Gauge technology includes new features that enhanced performance for non-contact measurement.

Online PR News – 03-March-2016 – Bristol, UK – Imetrum are pleased to announce the release of Video Gauge 5.3. Video GaugeTM is an advanced software tool that manages the control, capture, processing and analysis functions for all Imetrum non-contact measurement systems. The fundamental principles behind Imetrum’s software are often referred to as Motion Tracking and Digital Image Correlation (DIC), although Video Gauge has been independently benchmarked to be an order of magnitude more accurate than other image based measurement software.

Version 5.3 provides big advantages to customers who are pushing the limits of their existing Imetrum systems, and to all users of Universal Video Extensometer (UVX) Flexi systems who use the Extensometer, Distance, Displacement and Digital Image Correlation (DIC Maps) tools. Imetrum systems were already the fastest real-time video based measurement tools, but this new software version has extended the gap with a 2 – 8 times speed increase (depending on tracking method used).

With the release of the Video Gauge 5.3 software all products will benefit from significant performance improvements that enable up to 8 times more measurements to be made in real-time (depending on tracking method used) and will support ‘plug & play’ (automatic detection & configuration) for optical modules & cameras. Imetrum’s latest Precision Displacement Tracker products will support multiple 3D measurement heads being used simultaneously and automatic finding of 3D targets will also be more robust. For UVX Flexi products, the ‘Crosshead calibration’ wizards are now more robust.

In practice, these improvements mean that using ‘Standard’ tracking, it is now possible to measure 400 2D points simultaneously at 10Hz, or 30 points at 100 Hz (2D), or 50 Hz (3D).
‘Speckle patterns’ can now be used in real time for high range strain tests and real time strain maps are more feasible. Post processing tests have also been speeded up.

Set up and switching between different cameras and optical modules is now much quicker and more robust and objects can be monitored from different sides and at different measurement resolutions simultaneously in 3D. For UVX Flexi, Crosshead Calibration is now aligned precisely with calibration apparatus, making getting calibration certificates simpler.

All new Imetrum systems will be shipped with Video GaugeTM 5.3. Existing customers can easily upgrade to the new software by contacting the Imetrum team on +44 (0)1275 464443, arranging a time to be shown the new features. It will also be available to view at JEC World, Paris 8-10 March 2016.

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Note for editors
Imetrum’s product now has over 300 users worldwide and is a versatile, non-contact video based system that allows the user to test a variety of important parameters (strain, rotation, displacement etc.) in real time, in a single test. As the Imetrum system is video based, a record of the test can be saved so engineers can either post process the test or complete further analysis without the need for repeating the test, saving both time and money.

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March 2, 2016