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Launch of new coaching formula - How to Create A Legacy of Purpose

Online PR News – 02-March-2016 – Vancouver/WA – Are you interested in leaving a Legacy? This is a concept from yesteryear. This concept is all about amassing riches, real estate, material items and cash solely for your benefit or the benefit of your heirs. This is usually done single handedly. The updated version of today is CREATING A Legacy of Purpose. By Creating a Legacy of Purpose, you are involving your would be “heirs” now in the process. Sharing the experiences, trials, tribulations and rewards of creating a purpose driven enterprise.

This coaching formula takes you step by step to find the perfect Purpose Driven Enterprise for you. Pinpoint your passions, learn how to become laser focused on your path and how to implement action steps to take your Purpose Driven Enterprise from a concept to a reality.

A Legacy of Purpose coaching is designed for individuals looking to create a purpose driven enterprise now. Not those wanting to leave a legacy but those wanting to create one.

Madena Lea is coaching from personal experience.

About Madena Lea

She practices what she preaches. She is CEO/Founder of Casa Sana, est 2011, a non-profit that empowers teens in Peru. She is also the Founder of Thrive Peru Experience, est 2015, a voluntourism venture. These Purpose Driven Enterprises are her Legacy of Purpose. Her daughter Mason is the Youth Advocate of Casa Sana and has been involved since inception. They are creating this together

Together they have created a place for 13 teens/young adults to strive and thrive, to realize their own capabilities and to believe in themselves. In turn this allows them to become change agents in their communities by empowering others. The voluntourism venture – Thrive Peru Experience - will enable Casa Sana to be self-sustaining. This will allow Casa Sana to empower even more teens and at the same time provide jobs to the volunteers.

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