New Detectable Markers Make Food Safer to Produce

Halve the chance of plastic contaminated food by using Detectamet’s one piece direct markers. The retractable fibre nib protects and reduces dry-out.

Online PR News – 02-March-2016 – York, UK,1st March 2016 – It is now simple to halve the risk of producing meat and food products contaminated with plastic. Food safe marker pens that were once supplied with a loose lid are now available from Detectamet as a one piece item. The company has put food safe direct marker inks in a patented retractable housing so that a potential source of contamination can be removed from the processing area. Furthermore the one piece housing is made from Detectamet’s metal and X-ray detectable plastic so that the risk of plastic contaminated products is even less.
Write-and-retract detectable marker pens were launched by Detectamet 24 months ago. They contain permanent or write-on/wipe-off coloured inks. Highlighter re-fills were then offered to save waste. This new marker uses special inks that are safe to use for marking meat carcases or other foods such as cheese rind.
James Chrismas Detectamet’s MD explained “A few months ago a technical manager in a large abattoir tried our one piece retractable marker for permanent writing on boxes to help prevent marker pen caps disappearing in his company’s products. He had used permanent markers with a loose cap and then he switched to our write-and-retract versions.”
“He immediately asked for a topless pen with a meat safe ink that he could you use to write directly onto meat” James explained, “and our new retractable food safe ink markers are the result.”
They are supplied in a food visible blue housing and the user can choose the special type of ink for writing on meat carcases or writing other food, for example chees. Both ink types can be chosen with either red or blue coloured ink. Both of the ink types are safe for marking of all food products, but the meat ink is more suitable for effectively marking the surfaces meat carcases.
The plastics and the inks have been tested to ensure that they fulfil the requirements for safe contact with food under EU and US regulations. The refills can be supplied for DIY replacements. For more information contact at