Global Child Labour Certification Mark 2016 UK Launch

Launching at Sedex Supply Chain Conference, Child Labor Free flips convention of 'blaming and shaming' into consumer led movement for supply chain transparency

Online PR News – 02-March-2016 – London – As UK businesses have an increased statutory disclosure requirement under Modern Slavery Act 2015, Child Labor Free (CLF), a group of international social entrepreneurs are bringing a new global accreditation system to the UK which will allow companies across all product categories to have their supply chains independently certified as ‘Child Labour Free’.

Qualifying businesses will be able to display the prestigious mark of certification, communicating where their brand is on the journey to becoming child labour free.

CLF is working with Ernst & Young (EY) and DLA Piper, who are leading the supply chain analysis process and integrity of the accreditation system. CLF also collaborate with a range of regional accreditation partners to continue driving innovation across the accreditation process.

Saatchi & Saatchi and Britannia Communications have been engaged by CLF to provide business strategy, branding, and digital communications consultancy. CLF is also working with international NGOs, taking expert guidance on how to provide sustainable alternatives to child labour and to ensure children, families and communities are supported along the way.

Michelle Pratt, Co-founder of Child Labor Free said, “Child Labour might not be something people are even thinking about, but right now there are in excess of 150 million children around the world, labouring across almost every industry you can think of. We want to be able to give companies and consumers the opportunity to positively impact the issue directly, simply by choosing the Child Labor Free mark.”

“At a time when consumers are asking for greater transparency from brands and supply chain management is becoming ever more complex, this system will support brands as they work back through their supply chains – to certify their products at a manufacturing level, component level and eventually all the way to their source materials. From the consumer’s perspective, the mark will give them the information they need to make an informed choice. Effectively, our approach is about enabling conscious consumerism. In the same way that we have come to expect ‘cruelty free’ as an industry norm in beauty, or actively seek out ‘organic’ or ‘free range’ produce in our supermarkets, we believe that ‘Child Labor Free’ needs to become a globally recognised standard.”

“One thing we really want to stress is that this is a positive movement for change. We want to celebrate those brands that come on the journey with us. This is a highly complex issue, and for a company to come out today and say they’re prepared to take this first step with us, is a bold move, but one we believe their consumers will reward them for.”

Co-founder, Nikki Prendergast said “We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive interest we’ve received from both consumers and major multinationals.

It is clear there is a need out there for this system. The ultimate solution to this issue goes far beyond an accreditation system of course, but what the system stands for - honesty, transparency and ethics is what we believe will drive the real change.”

Child Labor Free dream of a world where children are free to be just that - children. Join us on our journey and change the story of children everywhere.

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The Child Labor Free Story

Child Labor Free is an innovative accreditation system certifying brands, supply chains and businesses as free of child Labour.

A revolutionary movement, Child Labor Free is dedicated to working with brands and services to ensure their supply chains are free of child Labour. Flipping the convention of 'blaming and shaming' into a consumer led movement for positive change, the Child Labor Free mark will stand for sustainability, ethical practice, and most importantly - certainty children are not being exploited.

With 150 million children all around the globe in Labour, Child Labor Free is dedicated to not only ensuring supply chains are free of children, but that children are protected. The Child Labor Free Foundation will work alongside brands and businesses, supporting them if child Labour is found in their supply chain, as well as working with local communities and NGO's to combat the underlying causes of child Labour.

Child Labour - the issue: UNICEF estimates that there are currently 150 million children engaged in labour around the world, who grow up without an education and into a life of poverty. More than half of these are in hazardous and harmful circumstances. For more information on the issue of child Labour – please see the UNICEF website

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