Let life be greener and greener with Airwheel intelligent electric walkcar

Airwheel hopes the ride experience and travel convenience of self-balancing electric scooter to make low carbon life.

Online PR News – 02-March-2016 – Los Angeles, California – With the development of science and technology and the sharp increase in the demand of life, energy consumption is increasing progressively. We are faced with tighter environmental restrictions, serious environmental pollution and ecosystem degradation problems. Most people pay more attention to how to reduce emissions from industry and agriculture, and ignore the personal daily lives’ high carbon behaviour. Airwheel hopes the ride experience and travel convenience of intelligent electric walkcar to make low carbon life become a social consensus and become a travel style that can be widely spread.

Airwheel is more of a pilgrim of the nature deep inside. Following the notion of “Eco-friendly Innovation,” they have always been seeking the balance between science-tech and the nature, which runs through every part of the design, R&D, manufacturing and sales. In order to make life a little bit of green, so that our living environment is getting better and better.

Yes, you can let life and environment be greener and greener with Airwheel electric scooter. Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter is a very compact and portable and it is electric driving, so that it does not produce any carbon emissions. Thanks to Airwheel team’s efforts, per 100 kilometres of electric scooter only consume 1 degree electricity, low carbon and energy-saving.

Taking the Airwheel intelligent electric scooter as a daily travel transport is not only low carbon and environmental protection, but also can enhance the work efficiency, especially in the serious traffic jam city and riding self-balancing electric scooter may be faster than driving a car. And this is simply because of its compact body. According to the different situations, riders can be flexible to adjust travel routes with Airwheel, a perfect combination with other kinds of public transportation From now on, let life be greener and greener with Airwheel electric scooter

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