Look Out for Taylor Beadle-Williams in the Film 'Love You Krishna' and 'Plans'

Australian actress Taylor Beadle-Williams wows us with her performances in the film "Love Your Krishna" and the series "Plans," both set for release in 2016!

Online PR News – 01-March-2016 – Los Angeles, CA – Australian born actress Taylor Beadle-Williams recently wrapped production on director Stanley Joseph’s feature film "Love You Krishna" where she took on the critical role of Radhika, as well as the lead role of Belle in Do It Now Productions’ dramatic series "Plans."

As both projects are set for release later this year, audiences around the world, who will recognize the actress from films such as "Cheetah," "Mover," and "Boy Meets Girl," will have yet another opportunity to see why Taylor Beadle-Williams is such a dominant force to be reckoned with in the international entertainment industry.

In the romantic comedy "Love You Krishna," Beadle-Williams was specifically requested by the Australian director to portray the character of Radhika, a mistress/ angel. Her role is imperative in the film as her character steers the narrative forward and resolves the storyline. Working on “Love You Krishna” also gave Beadle-Williams the opportunity to branch out from stereotypical roles especially since the beautiful actress carries an exotic, diverse look.

"Diversity is a gift not many actors or people, for that matter, get to experience," and "having an exotic appearance benefits me in picking up various roles. I love pushing for characters of all ethnicities and accents," says the actress.

Beadle-Williams was also able to play out of her comfort zone by portraying Belle, the crucial lead role in the riveting series “Plans.” The project follows 7 people, in 7 days, who all live under the same roof in a shared house, and presents the concept that there is no such thing as “planning” who or what comes into a person’s life. Taylor’s depiction of Belle, a glorified sociopath who uses anyone to get what she wants is spot on; and in doing so, Belle’s character causes complete havoc among the group.

The captivating series is produced by Peter-William Jamieson and Diana Popovska, the Do It Now Productions’ founders. According to producer Popovska,"Taylor was an absolute pleasure to work with on the set of ‘Plans’. Her performance across all seven episodes was immensely believable and moving…This was an amazing feat and I trust that Taylor would be more than capable of bringing out similar characteristics in any character that she plays. It is this talent that makes Taylor a great asset to have on set and part of any team!"

Beadle-Williams’ natural ability to transform into any character, no matter how complex, has allowed her to tackle serious roles, and she continues to do so with every character she portrays.

In the film "Clarity," Beadle-Williams’ took on the pivotal role of Celine, a blind French photographer who has no dialogue in the film. This character presented a fascinating challenge for the actress giving her the chance to expand her range of expressions by communicating strictly with her body, as the film was meant to tell the story of real people through their eyes and the varied emotions of everyday life.

Prior to her exceptional performance in "Clarity," Beadle-Williams played Jeannine in the groundbreaking US independent feature film "Amnesia: Who Are You?" which was directed by maverick filmmaker Paul Kampf. The film focuses on David Kerry, a man struggling to cope with his new found existence after a severe beating gives him amnesia and distorts his entire perception of reality. The film is presented to the audience as a "faux" documentary thus creating a very engrossing experience for the viewer.

Beadle-Williams’ gripping portrayal provides an interesting glimpse into the life of David through their relationship and keeps you guessing as to what is real in his life. The film went on to be featured at a number of festivals including the 19th Annual IFS Festival in Los Angeles where it won an award for Best Film.

The 27 year-old actress owes a large part of her success to landing her first major screen role on the popular television award winning series "The Lost World." Directed by Richard Franklin, who is known for his work on "Psycho II" and "Road Games," the action, adventure series centered on a group of explorers who are stranded on an unfamiliar terrain. Beadle-Williams’ acting debut on the series cemented her mark as a versatile actress as she landed other roles and commercials immediately after.

The dazzling actress has been featured in a plethora of commercials for companies such as Woolworths, Hungry Jacks, Mazda 3, Priceline, Gravox, Telstra, HCF, and many other distinguished brands. The most notable was a spot for AboutLife, where Beadle-Williams played the hero in the commercial which was inspired by Julie Andrews’ character in "The Sound of Music," spoofing the classic song "The Hills are Alive". What is even more impressive about the diversely talented actress is the fact that it is her actual singing voice included in the AboutLife commercial.


In addition to working in commercials, television, and film, Beadle-Williams has set out to take the theatre world by storm by appearing in two seasons of the Black Box Production of "Trainspotting," as well as an independent theatre production called "Ambrosia" produced by Grumpy Mandrakes Theatre. Both productions received rave reviews.

As audiences await Beadle-Williams’ performance in "Love You Krishna" and "Plans," it is abundantly clear that the brilliant actress has the overwhelming talent it takes to achieve success in this business and will continue to bring challenging roles to life.