Albany Breast Augmentation Specialists Say 'Smaller' Is a Growing Trend

Patients are choosing smaller, more "natural" breast implants, according to the team of breast augmentation surgeons in Albany, NY at The Plastic Surgery Group.

Online PR News – 06-March-2016 – Albany, New York – The physicians at The Plastic Surgery Group ( say that, while breast augmentation has always been among the most popular procedures at their Albany, NY practice, patients are now opting for smaller implants, and the operative word is "natural."

"Women definitely still want enhancement, but they don't want to look 'fake,'" specialist Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore says. "Occasionally someone is looking for a more dramatic change, but the majority of our patients now come in describing their ideal outcome as larger, natural-looking breasts that are proportional to their body type."

The trend seems to be a nationwide one, according to an ABC News story from 2015, noting that celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Heidi Montag, and even Pamela Anderson -- famous for her large breasts -- have chosen to have their implants downsized.

The doctors at The Plastic Surgery Group, which offers a variety of breast implants for patients from around Albany and Upstate New York, say that patients' motivations for considering the surgery remain essentially the same, and it's the size and shape of implants that have changed.

"Our patients still say they want to feel more confident and more feminine," Dr. Susan M. Gannon says. "But they emphasize that they want the final result to look natural. In our consultations, we're careful to guide them through considerations of shape and profile, and how each breast implant type we offer can create different results for different women depending on their proportions."

Fellow surgeon Dr. Douglas Hargrave says the trend makes sense to him as more implant options come onto the market.

"Silicone implants that feel very natural are far more popular than they once were, as are teardrop-shaped implants," he says. "The major implant manufacturers release more and more of these models every year, which has opened the surgery up to a whole new demographic of women who may have wanted larger breasts for a long time but wanted to do it in a very natural-looking way."

The trend also encompasses other breast surgery procedures, as well, the surgeons say.

"Women seem more interested in breast lift and breast reduction surgeries than they were in the past," Dr. Rockmore says. "Patients seem to be better educated about these options and how they can produce very beautiful, natural-looking results, and I think that has a lot to do with the amount of information available online. More women seem to be choosing smaller implants during revision breast enhancement surgeries, as well, trading in their larger implants as they age."

The Albany, NY surgeons emphasize that although the trend may be "going smaller" right now, the best results come from an experienced surgeon who can talk through all of the many choices with a patient to find the precise result she wants.

"The real, enduring trend here is customization, and that's excellent news for our patients," Dr. Rockmore says. "At The Plastic Surgery Group, we're better able than ever to listen to a patient's priorities and choose the right implant for her body, no matter what her goals are."


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