Forever Grand Vacations Travel Club in Branson Missouri lends support to Kenyan children’s charity Dusty Feet

Management and employees of local Branson Travel Club unite in sending support to charity designed to assist street children in Kenya.

Online PR News – 21-September-2009 – – Scottsdale, AZ
Walt Peters

Forever Grand Vacations the leader in the travel club industry has given a portion of their profits to Dusty Feet, an organization located in Kenya dedicated to the survival of street children. The name “street children” implies exactly what it states: children who are living on the streets. Understanding the degree, to which these children suffer, however, is not explained.

Children live on the streets for a number of reasons. Many people assume the children are living without a home because they do not possess a family. Although it may come as a surprise, many street children do have families. The reasons for fleeing a home to live on the street vary for each individual. Many children flee due to the death of a parent; others leave their home due to severe physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. One-fact remains, regardless of the reason these children live in the streets, their lives now are anything but easy.

For these children, each day depends on the basic needs to survive: water, food, and shelter. The typical morning for a street kid begins by begging. The street children will walk to areas of high congestion because the likelihood of receiving money or pick pocketing an individual is higher in these places. The risk each child faces is abuse. Security guards within the area will catch and beat the children for begging and/or pick pocketing. In some situations, the guard will take the street child to a police officer to be arrested. Street children also must avoid being abused by other street children. Needless to say, danger and violence lurk around each corner.

The street child will typically buy shoe glue. The shoe glue is placed in a plastic bottle and sniffed throughout the day. The glue acts as a drug, which will curb hunger pains, give the child strength to beg, and dilute the memories of a once good life. Sadly, this glue also kills brain cells and after continued use, will eventually render the street child lifeless.

In the evening the street child will retire to the “base” which is the home for many street children and usually resides within trash dumpsites. Trash sites are used because trash can be utilized as an insulator from the cold or rain. Not to mention, food and sellable items can be found in the dumpsite.
It is estimated that 60,000 street children live in Nairobi an additional 190,000 live in the remaining parts of Kenya.

Forever Grand Vacations CEO Eileen Most says “We try to help children all over the world. We are so fortunate that our children here in Branson don’t live under these conditions but we still need to try to raise awareness to our many members and those who visit our preview centers on a daily basis.” Forever Grand Vacations is the largest travel club in the state of Missouri with a member base that stretches all over the Midwest.

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