Shipping Software TFConnect by Top Flight Concepts Helps Freight Brokers Profit and Conquer Chaos

Top Flight Concepts, a shipping software developer, explains how its longstanding and reputable product TFConnect will end inefficiency and lost profits for shippers and freight brokers.

Online PR News – 06-October-2010 – – ATLANTA, GA – Shipping software developer and freight brokerage company Top Flight Concepts understands what freight brokers need in order to successfully put together a solid shipment from start to finish for their clients and carriers.

Top Flight Concept’s freight management solution TFConnect has been in use by shippers and freight brokers for almost a decade, and it provides all the tools businesses need to swiftly manage all aspects of shipping in one simple and cost-effective system.

TFConnect gives freight brokers the ability to:
• Store all customer and carrier information
• Enter, schedule and closely monitor shipments at every step
• Shop rates and/or send out bid requests
• Compute the customer markup
• Create and distribute freight and customer invoices
• Pay carriers
• Access instant online rate shopping and quotes
• Create unique customer web portals
• Generate custom reports
• Produce bills of lading
• Provide their own rates alongside competitor rates

One of the standout features of TFConnect is a level of transparency other shipping software systems make no effort to reveal.

“Most of the rate–shopping packages and web sites in the industry are trying to re-sell you their rates along with the software,” said John Peterson, Executive Vice President of Top Flight Concepts.

“When you do a rate shop, you are actually seeing a marked up rate in order for the software company to make money on each shipment. TFConnect makes it possible for shippers and brokers to easily set up their own rates for shopping. The custom rates and discounts achieved over time by a business and its carriers may be added into the system for each carrier, and the returned rates on the bid will reflect those achieved rates, not an inflated number.”

Since Top Flight Concepts is also a freight broker, the company will offer their rates to customers as well, but unlike competitors, TFConnect will offer shippers and brokers the ability to see their own rates side-by-side with Top Flight Concepts’ rates.

The all-in-one shipping software also provides a web portal for customers to shop rates, book shipments and track shipments

TFConnect gives users the ability to manage complex shipments requiring multiple carriers on a single load, load board integration, electronic bid requesting, tracking and other advanced features.

As opposed to other shipment software available today, TFConnect defies software restrictions and allows users a high level of customization for shipments that would otherwise require more than one transportation management system or a tremendous disruption of employee workflow.

Gary Smith, a Partner at TSG, said, “Before getting the right software, Top Flight Concept’s TFConnect, a big challenge was customizing our services based on individual customers’ needs. Software limitations forced us into manual processes whenever customers asked for something non-standard.”

Automation is a clear advantage when using TFConnect, and Top Flight Concept continuously refines the shipping software to meet and anticipate user needs. The most recent addition is the inclusion of electronic dispatch drivers so shippers or freight brokers can make a pickup request to the carrier from within the system.

TFConnect provides unprecedented flexibility and customization in addition to an unparalleled level of support and training.

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About Us:

With a history of innovative freight management solutions since 1995, Top Flight Concepts has expanded its original warehousing and delivery services to better serve the needs of its growing customer base. The company’s solid background in the core processes and technologies that support the shipping industry has enabled it to provide one of the most intelligent shipping solutions today, TFConnect.