RVCA clothing at Ripyard.com

Ripyard, an online retailer has announced that RVCA fans can shops for the latest RVCA clothing including the RVCA shirts and RVCA jeans through their store.

Online PR News – 06-October-2010 – – Pembroke Pines, FL RVCA, as we all know has always been associated with style that transcends trends. These clothes are a religion and culture of their own. RVCA is a brand that’s positioned itself, as a lifestyle brand that’s different from the other typical action sports labels. The brand draws inspiration from American work wear but with fashion influences.

RVCA is an artist driven brand and has always promoted upcoming and established artists. A portion of their signature line series are given away as charity to an organization that the artist gets to choose. Art, music, sports and fashion have always been at the core of RVCA’s priorities. The Artists Network Program, a quarterly magazine brought out by RVCA focuses on established and upcoming artists. As P M. Tenore, RVCA’s founder says, ‘not everything in business is for sale’.

The super cool and hip need no introduction to the RVCA clothing ( http://www.ripyard.com/m-20-rvca.aspx ) philosophy. They probably have the latest collection of RVCA shirts, jeans, hoodies, hats, beanies, thermals, cardigans, polo’s or surfing paraphernalia that RVCA offers. The company as Tenore says ‘seeks to represent a clothing line that redefines the way, market views art and fashion and aims a balance of opposites.

RVCA is all about a balance between commerce and art. The brand has always been associated with art galleries in Los Angeles and San Francisco. “It’s not only the boutiques and surf stores, but also Ripyard.com, that’s attracted to its philosophy” says Mr. Darren Bailey of Ripyard.

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