3 Racquet Technology Introduces Pro Tour Racquetball Branding For Racquetball Sponsors

3 Racquet Technology has a solid reputation for the finest in Pro Tour Racquetball Branding. 3 Racquet Technology is the leading source for Pro Tour Racquetball Branding and works to meet the expectations of their players.

Online PR News – 06-October-2010 – – Grand Prairie, TX - Players and Sponsors searching for Pro Tour Racquetball Branding for racquetball players are choosing 3 Racquet Technology. 3 Racquet Technology has established a solid reputation as the top source for Pro Tour Racquetball branding graphics and is the leading choice for racquetball sponsors. RacquetSkinz's by the company are in demand for their ability to take branded graphics to the court on player racquets in racquetball, tennis and squash. 3 Racquet Technology has supplied Pro Tour Racquetball branding graphics for racquetball sponsors meeting the most demanding expectations for quality and integrity. RacquetSkinz offers a colorful protective way to add graphics to Racquetball, Tennis and Squash racquets. 3 Racquet Technology is known for endorsement branding. For additional information competitors are invited to visit the company web site at http://www.racquetskinz.com.

Racquetball, Tennis and Squash have a colorful future with the new RacquetSkinz that allow teams, clubs and sponsors to take it to the racquet. RacquetSkinz announces more designs to choose from and the ability to develop custom designs. Skin your racquet and get a graphic edge that protects. 3 Racquet Technology expands Racquetball Leagues for racquetball players. Available in dozens of styles, colors and themes, RacquetSkinz is the ultimate racquet mod. Players are back in control of the statement they make with their racquets. Players and teams can make a real statement with every swing. Now organizations can brand Racquetball, Tennis and Squash racquets for greater exposure. 3 Racquet Technology produces Pro Tour Racquetball for racquetball sponsors.

About 3 Racquet Technology
RacquetSkinz is the latest technology for racquet sports brought to you by 3 Racquet Technology. RacquetSkinz is a thin light weight material offering custom designs for you racquetball, squash and tennis racquet. Building from the latest technology, RacquetSkinz offers vibrant designs, feather light and tear resistant materials in a protective interchangeable designed skin. Your racquet is a blank canvas – now express yourself and create a perfect design. We start with a “racquet shell” manufactured to spec to perform with the same balance as the original. These shells are raw without paint, graphics, grip, string or tether. Your design is custom printed to your specification and applied to the racquet offering a five year fade resistance and water proof protective coating. Finally, you select your grip color, tether color, insert options and customized string to complete your racquet design. RacquetSkinz are manufactured in Grand Prairie, Texas by 3 Racquet Technology, LLC and distributed through the nationwide dealer channel. 3 Racquet Technology delivers Pro Tour Racquetball for racquetball sponsors.

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