Simplytrak Delivers GPS Vehicle Tracking System for the 21st Century

SimplyTrak provides GPS Tracking systems for high value vehicles and personnel. In the UK, they are reputed for their tracking software for static asset as well as relaying of performance data.

Online PR News – 06-October-2010 – – For Immediate Release

Simplytrak offers one of the UK's most advanced GPS vehicle tracking systems, which is quick and simple to install and configure yet offers a dynamic range of very powerful tools and features for the modern business.

Brough, United Kingdom, October 2010 - For any business today which makes use of mobile units such as vans, trucks or other vehicular units, a GPS vehicle tracking system from Simplytrak is an essential tool in making sure not only that the business is operating at maximum efficiency, both in terms of time and economy, but is also dealing effectively with issues relating to security as well as its employer's duty of care to its staff.

In order to provide an accurate indication to clients or customers of when mobile units might be able to make a delivery or arrive to provide a service many businesses rely upon traditional maps coupled with telephone calls to various units which are assumed to be in the vicinity. But in the 21st century relying upon guesswork, intuition, phone calls and maps is not the way to remain ahead of the game and viable competition to similar service providers. This is where a GPS vehicle tracking has emerged as a viable solution.

A GPS vehicle tracking system from Simplytrak not only provides businesses with real time indications of where vehicles or mobile units are overlaid on easy to read maps, it can also be easily programmed to provide affordable alerts should vehicles or goods stray or deviate from predetermined route or area, as well as advising if drivers exceed the speed limit, or exceed the period of time they are permitted to drive without a break.

A GPS vehicle tracking system from Simplytrak is the only viable way in which businesses can reliably operate at maximum efficiency, security and safety.
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About Simplytrak
Simplytrak is one of the UK's leading suppliers of GPS vehicle tracking systems, offering a system which is very easy to install, very simple to configure, and provides one of the widest ranges of services and facilities available today.