Nexus Insurance Services Extends Services to New York Medical Facilities

Nexus Insurance Services, a company specializing in medical malpractice insurance for physicians, is now offering services to other members of the medical community in the state of New York.

Online PR News – 06-October-2010 – – Nexus Insurance Services is extending medical malpractice insurance offerings to other members of the medical community in the state of New York. Originally, the company focused on providing services to doctors and physicians in the state, but with a new health care plan in the United States, there will be a higher demand for malpractice insurance because of the increase in professionals entering the medical community.

The types of medical facilities that Nexus Insurance Services serves include surgery centers, x-ray and imaging centers, outpatient clinics, pain management centers, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other holistic treatment centers, just to name a few. Any medical professional who works in these types of facilities are eligible for medical malpractice insurance.

“Medical malpractice insurance is not just for doctors or physicians. Anyone who interacts with a patient is at risk of being sued if the unexpected happens,” says Michael Kataf of Nexus Insurance Services. “Even though insurance is not a requirement in most states, it is an important aspect of a medical professional’s career and should be given careful consideration.”

There are different types of malpractice insurance policies available depending on a person’s medical speciality, so when talking with an insurance agent, it’s important to communicate any special needs. Although the majority of hospitals and medical centers cover their employees, purchasing medical liability insurance provides added protection in a case where the settlement exceeds the employer’s coverage limits, plus it provides a person with their own lawyer to protect their interests.

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