Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America Debut Documentary

The moving story of two identical twin sisters who have suffered with morbid obesity for most of their adult lives.

Online PR News – 05-October-2010 – – For Immediate Release
Taunia Soderquist
Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America
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“Surviving to Thriving”: Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America Debuts Documentary Film

Gold River, CA – Obesity has become an epidemic in our society that is far-reaching. Spanning every age group, ethnicity, and socio-economic group, obesity is fast-becoming one of the biggest health-related issues our country faces. The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is the only Nonprofit Organization granting weight loss surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery to people who cannot obtain it on their own. This past Saturday, October 2nd, the WLSFA announce the debut of the documentary film entitled “Surviving to Thriving,” now available on bariatrictv.com and wlsfa.org.

The film, which was crafted by Michael Towe of BariatricTV, documents an emotional, complex, and powerfully moving story of morbidly obese identical twin sisters Rosemary and Connie. Rosemary was covered by insurance and her life was dramatically changed as a result of her weight loss surgery six years ago. Connie, desperately needing the weight loss surgery to improve her health, has been denied over and over again. The film illustrates the complexity of morbid obesity, the impact on a patient’s quality of life, and the struggle to escape it. Additionally, Connie is highlighted as the first-ever Inaugural Recipient of the Weight Loss Surgery Grant awarded by the WLSFA, making it finally possible for her to have weight loss surgery. Well Known Bariatric Surgeon and Author Dr. Garth Davis of the Davis Medical Clinic in Houston Texas will perform Connie’s weight loss surgery procedure.

The WLSFA HAS also officially announceD the upcoming 2011 "Mother of All Meet & Greets" this May 13-15th at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. This conference provides the opportunity for other weight loss surgery patients and candidates to come together and receive information and inspiration for moving from surviving to thriving through weight loss surgery. Bariatric professionals, guest speakers, performances, and vendors will be present through the weekend to help provide the best information and resources for bariatric patients. The meet & greet also provides an environment of peer support and fellowship with other successful weight loss surgery patients – a critical need for the long-term success of any weight-loss program.

While weight loss surgery is not the answer for everyone, and all surgeries carry the risk of complications, weight loss surgery has been proven to dramatically improve the health and quality of life for many morbidly obese patients.

For more information about the documentary film, the Las Vegas Meet & Greet, or The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America, or to make a charitable donation to the Foundation, please visit www.wlsfa.org.