Where Will You Be 10-10-10?

The Global Happiness Summit will take place on October 9th –10th, 2010 aboard the USS-Hornet, an American treasure that participated in the Apollo 11 space mission.

Online PR News – 05-October-2010 – – San Francisco, CA The Global Happiness Summit will take place on October 9th –10th, 2010 aboard the USS-Hornet, an American treasure that participated in the Apollo 11 space mission. The Global Happiness Summit will be the most important and dynamic summit in the history of the happiness movement, bringing together hundreds of industry, government, visionary leaders, research scientists, and accomplished students from all over the world. This unprecedented event will take place during “Fleet Week” and we will be providing the best seats in the house! Step into history and follow in Neil Armstrong’s footsteps, ride the flight simulator, or just relax and soak in the breathtaking views of the San Francisco bay.

The USS-Hornet is just 20 minutes from San Francisco at 707 W. Hornet Ave Pier 3, Alameda California. We invite you to be a part of this wonderful event in support of our theme: "Raising the Level of Happiness in the World". It will be Educational, Enlighten, Entertaining, and Empowering. If you can't make two days, choose one.

The Featured Speakers Include:

- Edwin Edebiri, MBA Founder of the "I Am Happy Project ( http://www.iamhappyproject.org )."

- Dr. Brenda Wade is an award-winning Holistic Psychologist.

- Monnet Zubieta, MA Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.

- Esperanza Universal Co-Creator and CEO of the S.O.U.L. Institute, Inc.

- Bob Nozik is the Author of "Happy 4 Life."

- Michael Pritchard Nationally acclaimed motivational speaker.

- Tony Hsieh is an Author of “Delivering Happiness” & CEO of Zappos.com

- Laura Delizonna Founder of Choosing Happiness.

- Shelley Sykes Winner of 5 Popular Lifestyle USA Best Book Awards for 5 books in one year!

- Rober Biswas-Diener is widely known as the Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology.

- Dr. Michele R. Wright, Ph.D., Author of "Dear Success Seeker."

- Dr. Aymee Coget, Ph.D., of the AHA

- Macaiah Tillman, MA Founder/CEO of FVRD2WIN ( http://fvrd2win.com/videopromo.html )

Special Guest Entertainment Sunday:

Miko Marks! She is one of "Nashville's Hottest Country Stars", while Ebony recognizes her as "The Storyteller", and one who is "Breaking the Sound Barriers" in music! On the frontlines of change, Ms. Marks is blazing an unprecedented trail and ushering in a new generation! She has been named "Best New Country Artist" by New Music Weekly. In 2007, Miko's debut album: "Freeway Bound" received honors as the "2007 Country Album of the Year" at The Independent Music Awards.

Our other special guest is Bob Banner and Academy Award Nominated Director, Roko Belic which will be doing two movie screenings.

The I Am Happy Project is a non-profit charitable organization that began early 2009 by Edwin Edebiri. During a time when disasters, recession and depression are increasing, he wanted to encourage people to shift focus on the things that really matter, such as faith, family and friends. The 10-10-10 campaign: At the summit we will identify the 10 things we can do over the next 10 years to raise the Global Happiness Index (GHI) by 10 points. (Current index is at 67)

According to Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of California, San Diego

“When an individual becomes happy, the network effect can be measured up to three degrees. One person’s happiness triggers a chain reaction that benefits not only his friends, but his friends’ friends, and his friends’ friends’ friends. The effect lasts for up to one year.”

To register and for more information visit http://www.globalhappinesssummit.org

Chief Happiness Officer, Edwin Edebiri 415-377-6590