L'illon The Warrior Angel Sets Out On A Humanitarian Mission In The New Video "Smile Once More"

L'illon's Warrior Angel Steps Into The Arena Of 'African Affairs'

Online PR News – 05-October-2010 – – With the release of her latest animated video "Smile Once More" from her debut album WARRIOR ANGEL, music artist L'illon has surprised us yet again. The video, which features L'illon as a humanitarian, warrior, angel, and sultry artist, takes on these qualities and depicts them in a superhero fashion.

L'illon, in animation, singing the inspiring "Smile Once More", is played out before the backdrop of a vast African continent, illustrating the vitality and energy of this place, and underscoring the message as recently professed at the 2010 soccer (FIFA) world cup event, "the time for Africa is now".

The aviator, military themed video provides a glimpse of today's Africa, with its many unresolved social, political and economic issues. With the Warrior Angel's intervention, peace, prosperity and happiness are revived, where beaming children are dancing to the tune of 'Smile Once More'. L'illon comments, "music is a communication platform that can be used to challenge existing solutions to the distressing problems that encumber the world's continents".

With this video, L'illon's Warrior Angel steps into the arena of 'African Affairs', suggesting that intractable problems sometimes need a new approach in solving them. To the savvy music afficionado, L'illon is once again one of a kind, leaving us guessing what surprise she has in store for us next. Her mission is to better the world, even if only through the weapon of accomplished lyrics and spirited music.

Her message would not be as loud without her infectious voice. L'illon delivers her songs in a "creamy voice that is wonderful to listen to", as quoted by Ari John, White Wolf producer for the independent artist program Red Dragon TV; who further remarked, "L'illon is an artist to keep your eye on".

To view "Smile Once More," visit http://www.lillon.com/video.php
L'illon's Official site : http://www.lillon.com