Submitserve.Com Proves That Old SEO Strategies Still Have Their Charm

Some of the search engine optimization strategies like articles submission, directory submission etc have been believed to be lost their charm recently. However, the real fact still remains hidden. To know the truth behind the effectiveness of these search engine optimization strategies, we had a chat with some of the best.

Online PR News – 19-September-2009 – – MUMBAI, September 2009 - You will be well aware of the fact that there is no scarcity for the search engine optimization service providers today. In fact every one with very little knowledge about search engines and form filling online call themselves as SEOs. So it was a difficult task for us to find the best SEO service provider to know the real facts of the old search engine optimization strategies. When we thought that we were lost in the search engine optimization ocean, came to our rescue.

They were voluntarily ready to prove that the old search engine optimization strategies like the directory submission, article submission etc. “People have a misconception that the old search engine optimization strategies like article submission, directory submission, social bookmarking etc have lost their charm. We will say that this is just a misconception. You will be well aware of the job cuts around us due to the global recession. Most of the people who have lost their jobs have gotten into SEO. They are not aware of the right strategies that have to be used in search engine optimization and they just blame the strategies. They just cover up their mistakes in search engine optimization” says Mr. Rahul Bajaj of

Speaking about the proof for search engine optimization, Mr. Rahul Bajaj said, “Let us take the case of directory submission first. Remember that manual directory submission service has never failed anyone. People just use automated tools for directory submission, which results in improper submission under wrong categories. These submissions will get deleted and eventually the strategy will end up in a complete failure. In the case of manual directory submission service that we provide and the submissions have a great value. We can show you the statistics for proof.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Rahul Bajaj said, “The Social Bookmarking Service that we provide is highly appreciated by our clients. According to their feedback, without social bookmarking, success in SEO cannot be pronounced. According to us, none of the search engine optimization strategy has lost its charm. We have to plan and execute the strategy in the proper way to find success.”

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