Affiliates Make More Than $10,000 Monthly - Free Ebook Videos and Webinars Released

"This is not your average affiliate course! We’re going to cover both affiliate biz dev (one of the missing elements in most IM courses) as well as advanced traffic generation techniques — and take students through the entire process of building their long-term affiliate business" says Aroussi.

Online PR News – 05-October-2010 – – Ran Aroussi and Phil Mansour, two marketers who specialize in their own fields, have conceptualized a program that helps affiliates earn more in a month. The program is called Insiders HQ and is now one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs in the nation.

Unlike most affiliate courses, the Insiders HQ covers everything about affiliate business development, an important element in IM courses, and advanced traffic generation techniques. These two elements will serve as the students’ guide for building an affiliate business that would last.

When it comes to Biz Dev, the Insider HQ will talk about ways on building a good and strong foundation for the business. Different models for affiliate business such as Rapid Product Creation, Relationship Marketing, Community Leadership, Lead Distribution and Profiting from OPT will be covered.

Traffic Generation Techniques will cover areas that deal with traffic for the business. Phil Mansour says that Niche Research, Demographic Targeting, and Traffic Generation using International Traffic, Direct Mailing, Media Buying, Pay-Per-Call, PPC, and CPV are just some examples of what will be covered.

The program will consist of two marketing courses where each course will last for six weeks each. It will include weekly training modules, which will be delivered in the membership area, and two unannounced bonus weeks.

Videos, MP3s and PowerPoint slides (in PDF format) will also be included to guide students of the program once the internet business building begins. A checklist in PDF format will also be provided to make sure that every student will be able to keep up with the program.

Founders have provided recommendations about the top tools and resources that students could use in building their business. "This includes the different software, data, advertising money and others that will become very helpful in the business".

Mini-forums are found in every module where students could share ideas and queries in each module. There will also be a monthly mastermind coaching groups where the founders, Aroussi and Mansour, will be willing to answer calls on air to provide in-depth answers to their students. This will be done twice a week to further help the students of the Insider HQ.

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