The Latin Heritage Foundation will release soon the novel Alexandrian Fires by Saul Godoy Gómez

According to Gualdo Hidalgo, publisher, Venezuelan writer Saul Godoy, a political analyst and author of science fictions, achieved a dream with this epic novel.

Online PR News – 03-February-2016 – Manhatan, New York – Saul Godoy chose the perfect crossroads, the decline of the Roman Empire, the resurgence of Christianity as an earthly power, the death of paganism and the awakening of the barbarians ... In the eye of the storm of political intrigue remains the magnificent city of Alexandria in Egypt.

A great novel about military actions, revolutions, corruption, romances and, above all, books, huge libraries, forbidden knowledge, wild intolerances. It is the story of the priest of the Temple of Serapis, chief of the scribes of the Museum, Ebrón de Casís, half spy, half librarian and His mission of saving knowledge, in the midst of great dangers.

Saul Godoy Gómez achieved with this work a rare blend of historical accuracy, fantasy running wild, heart-racing action and a new way of making literature, a true multiverse of interposed realities that will satisfy the most demanding reader ... an erudite novel that delves into the origins of Western civilization.