Young Millionaire Shares The Empire Formula – Step-by-Step Proven Formula To Earn $300,000 Online

"I can only teach from my own experience, and $300,000 was the point at which my empire really took off", says Anik.

Online PR News – 05-October-2010 – – Starting out as an affiliate in the online business industry may be taken into the next level, as The Empire Formula shows. This new product from the young online mogul Anik Singal contains all the information one needs to know when deciding to finally build an online business empire.

Empire building may be defined in different lights. But the main point of this venture is to take several online properties and make them all work together. Each of these may vary in size, whether selling a major commodity or promoting a new-found niche. Each of these may also be run independently, but eventually work together as a whole so as one will be able to maximize the profits coming from all of them.

With The Empire Formula, Singal guarantees how an affiliate marketer can grow their own Internet businesses into one of the biggest and most successful enterprises in the World Wide Web today. He further explained that one does not need to find huge amounts of money or go through conventional venture capital financing in order to start an empire. “The whole point of this report is to show you how to get to that $300,000,” he said.

This new program is designed with easy to comprehend steps, which make it very much appropriate for anyone new to internet marketing. It is composed of forty lessons and ten additional software tools to make one’s internet marketing learning and practice much easier. In addition, Singal also offers several bonus materials such as templates and free subscription to a monthly advice magazine that go with The Empire Formula.

“Why is $300,000 the magic number - and not $200,000 or $400,000? I’m not sure. But that’s how it worked out for me. I can only teach from my own experience, and $300,000 was the point at which my empire really took off,” he further said.

The experience Singal is talking about is actually comprised of noteworthy achievements. Apart from authoring The Empire Formula, he is also the man behind the certified best selling products such as CB Wealth Formula, Affiliate Classroom and PPC Classroom 1.0 and 2.0. All these have contributed to Singal’s very own online empire worth more than $32 million to date.

When asked why he is sharing this product for free, he only has this to say, “I’ve personally learned about empire building by making expensive mistakes, working with business mentors, paying consultants, and hiring people who were better than me at a lot of things.”

This new guide is set to become live worldwide on October 26, 2010.

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