Latest Ranking System of Ufiction

Ufiction is an online writing website which has now come up with its advanced ranking system to promote best and quality work in Canada.

Online PR News – 05-October-2010 – – October 5, 2010, BC, Canada: Ufiction is a web publishing platform which has introduced its advanced ranking system with an aim to encourage new and unnoticed talent throughout BC Canada.

At Ufiction, upcoming writers are given a chance to write and share their creative work with other online readers. They can enjoy writing on a number of categories ranging from non-fiction, drama, comedy, romance, thriller, mystery, religious to general category etc.

Ranking system introduced by Ufiction is highly useful. Whatever is posted on the website is ranked on the basis of this ranking system. It is based on following factors:

Bookmarking counts
It is one of the important factor on which ranking system depends. According to this, ranking for a post depends on the number of times that particular post gets bookmarked by any visitor on their account.

Number of views by unique IP address
This is another important factor on which the ranking system depends. It depends on the number of views by IP address.

Out of these two factors, first one is given more importance as is regarded as the more specific measure of quality as compared to the second one.

This way, the ranking system of Ufiction is helping a lot in the promotion of quality work throughout BC, Canada.

Ufiction is a cost-free online web publishing stand for up-and-coming writers in Canada. Here they are free to write, publish and share their creative work with others all over Canada.