Gaming on Smartphones adoption rates are on the rise

a new report on "Gaming on Smartphones 2010-2015" which examines how the smartphone market rise, due to Apple's iPhone and the recent influx of app stores. Mobile Applications are at the heart of this new trend.

Online PR News – 05-October-2010 – – Gaming on Smartphones 2010-2015

According to our research and such sources as Comscore, the inevitable ascent of the mobile gaming market depends not only on smartphone subscribers' higher propensity to play games on their mobile devices, but also their heavier gaming activity across nearly every dimension. Smartphone subscribers (47.1 per cent) are three times more likely than feature phone subscribers (15.7) to play games on their device at least once a month. They are more than five times as likely to play games almost every day and far surpass their feature phone counterparts across various methods of game play. ( )

Smartphone subscribers also install significantly more games on their devices with 27.3 per cent having installed at least one game compared to just 5.6 per cent of feature phone subscribers. A third of smartphone subscribers with games have more than five games installed on their phones, while less than one per cent of feature phone subscribers have that many games installed.

Since the inception of 'App Stores', Smartphone manufacturers and Mobile Game developers have been trying to provide handsets and game applications that can capitalise on this new market and increase revenue streams. For example, Apple's most recent gadget - the iPad has been launched with a significantly greater number of game apps than any other kind of application. Although not a Smartphone as such like the iPhone, the iPad is clearly being marketed on the strength of the available apps and with games at the forefront this proves that the rest of the industry must catch up in order to succeed.

With new gaming trends and technology yet to be fully capitalised upon this report shows where developers and manufacturers can profit. These factors and the several other key points are covered in this latest management report along with the following:

* What is a Smartphone?
* What is a Mobile Game?
* What are App Stores?
* Why are Smartphone games going to be popular?
* What technology can be utilised to make Smartphone gaming better?
* How can Smartphone games benefit from Social Media?
* What competition do Smartphones face in the market?
* What do 'gamers' want?
* How can developers maximise their profits?
* How can Handset manufacturers capitalise on gaming trends?

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